Convert Joomla dB to WordPress

This previous job from GAF. The project owner, akoemi, a Malaysian guy lives in Japan. He is a good provider who patient and well communicated.

This project was about convert Joomla posts to WordPress blog posts and manage them in old category name. Also do the wordpress slug style which is a little bit URL style from openSEF, Joomla component for Search Engine Friendly URL.

Then also clone the Joomla template to WordPress theme.


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Diarrhea almost kill me

diarrhea.jpgOn last Tuesday I have a very bad diarrhea. I started had tummy sick since 6pm then I had to use toilet at work one then I got home.

I felt really bad pain like something inside tummy twisted and stopped and twisted and stopped like a cycle. That happened like a thousand times and I have to gone bathroom like 20 times till 4am in the morning.

Then the next day I can’t go to work and ask my boss for day off. I also went to see doctor and got some medicines and being home for the rest all day.

I actually didn’t eat anything bad, but eat normally. Maybe food is not that clean that day. I am now really scare eating food that I didn’t cook 🙁

I wanna cook and bring my lunch box, but it’s not comfortable to do that anymore.

WP Theme from Existing Template


Screenshot will supply upon the request

This is latest job from GAF. smfreelances, Denis, the project owner is very good person to work with. I am pleased to work with him.

About the project, I change the whole layout because the old layout screwed how WordPress theme should be. LOL. I am good with HTML, CSS, DHTML, PHP so this work is not that difficult for me and I love to do neat coding for customer.

I think I am too much in detial oriented and my boss always says I spend too much time with that. (Of course he wants me to do something else too)

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Still slow after new year

I was back to work yesterday, but seem everything still slow since my boss is not yet coming back from the States. I have been checking my work, but still not much to do since I have to waiting the decision from my boss.


I also started to estimated to cost of everything before leaving my company and will try to make decision within this month. The bills and payment are horrible because it’s more than my salary. LOL

I am thinking about cut off manything I don’t need and will estimating again sometime this weekend. I am really looking for more job to online after work too. The gym things might need to cut off too.

Also then I might move to new place which is cheaper or maybe I might not quit my job, but try to concentrate more. Maybe I can talk and have some agreement with my boss. I am not yet making any decision for now, but I will prepare how to take off in a good way.

This weekend I will go to apply for the school and then in March I will go for the interview. If it sounds good I will started to study after that soon.

This is not the same with the dream, but it is something I can do first for now.

How to get first freelance job on GAF


I have a very difficultly to get a first freelance work online from website Get a freelancer. I think it’s because of I am too new there and don’t have any feedback and rating at all. Another thing is my English is not professional to communicate too.

So I think I need help and I ask from my addicted forum, Digital point, and I got the answers from many people.

The answers is rearrange by following:

  • Bid lots of projects
  • Low your price in first project
  • Keep trying
  • Stop asking people to contact you. They already posted the job, they shouldn’t have to contact you. You contact them.
  • Improve your English, use a spelling checker or every time yuo post get a buddy to fix your grammar/spelling. It’s really working against you.
  • Post a bit more text. 2 or 3 sentences (no bullshit like you kow C++ and shit like that) with your bid that shows the buyer you can do it. Then PM them with 2 or 3 paragraphs outlining how you would do it and what you need and that you are ready when they are.
  • To get the job is just submit a demo
  • Thanks for w3bmaster, T0PS3O and Michael_Goldman whe dedicated time to gave quality answers.

    After I read those suggestions, I got back to my profile on GAF site and have my native-English-speaker friend corrects them. Then I have bid more projects as a low price as I can accept with PMs them the flow chart and mentioned to all works that related with their project.

    The next day I have won the project 🙂

    Happy New Year 2007

    Happy New Year 2007Happy New Year 2007 for everyone

    Even there are bombs in town, but I do celebrate anyway. I wish everyone happy all year long.

    This year I went to @Richards (again) and met few friends. I was a good time since it’s a long time I didn’t go out.

    Even though I didn’t see fireworks this year.

    There are manything still twirling in my mind, but I will loosening the knot each day in living life in this year..

    Happy new year everyone.