Convert Joomla dB to WordPress

This previous job from GAF. The project owner, akoemi, a Malaysian guy lives in Japan. He is a good provider who patient and well communicated.

This project was about convert Joomla posts to WordPress blog posts and manage them in old category name. Also do the wordpress slug style which is a little bit URL style from openSEF, Joomla component for Search Engine Friendly URL.

Then also clone the Joomla template to WordPress theme.


Basicly he wants only content items, no static content so I have looked into database and matching the field and run the script for 2000 records without problem. This script use WP function to change title to slug (which is use for URL style) and then insert to database directly.

The project URL, Images can provide upon request.

If you are interesting the script, I can provide for $70. Please contact me.
(This script sell as is and will not modify for you.

If want me to config and run for you, please contact me to discuss the cost.)

5 thoughts on “Convert Joomla dB to WordPress”

  1. If you sell it as is, then it’s too expensive. Very few people have $70 to buy a product which they don’t know whether is going to work or not.

    If you can guarantee that it will work and include full support + guides and instructions, then maybe you can get the $70

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