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pantip-profileTony in a box
* Age: 38
* Gender: Male
* Relationship status: Single
* Astrological Sign: Aquarius
* Industry: Fitness and Internet
* Occupation: Personal Trainer, Web Programmer, Online Marketer, Online Retail Seller.
* Location: Haui Khwang : Bangkok : Thailand

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About Me

I’m Thai and I live in Bangkok, Thailand. I’m Single, Black hair (short, shaved, spike whatever I like to do that time, but usually not long hair), Brown eyes, Asian, Average body, 5’8 height, 70 Kg., casual dress.

I love to cook, listen to music and see the movie, hang out with friends, stay home and quiet, surf and chat on the internet. I like to travel when I have some free time. Yeah and the gym most of the time.

I became a freelance personal trainer lately. You can contact me if you need to know me more.

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*Gym * Computer * Internet * Friends * Love * Gay * Men * Porn * Sex * Cartoon * Music * Movie * A Play * Shopping * Garden * Cooking * Karaoke * Photography.

Favorite Movies

* LOTR    * Harry Potter    * The Bridget Jone's Diary    * Porn * Fantacy movie

Favorite Music

* Pop Rock    * Country    * Rock    * Dance    * Hip Hop    * Alternative

Favorite Books

* Magazine    *Fantasy Story   * Porn
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