Diarrhea almost kill me

diarrhea.jpgOn last Tuesday I have a very bad diarrhea. I started had tummy sick since 6pm then I had to use toilet at work one then I got home.

I felt really bad pain like something inside tummy twisted and stopped and twisted and stopped like a cycle. That happened like a thousand times and I have to gone bathroom like 20 times till 4am in the morning.

Then the next day I can’t go to work and ask my boss for day off. I also went to see doctor and got some medicines and being home for the rest all day.

I actually didn’t eat anything bad, but eat normally. Maybe food is not that clean that day. I am now really scare eating food that I didn’t cook 🙁

I wanna cook and bring my lunch box, but it’s not comfortable to do that anymore.

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