WP Theme from Existing Template


Screenshot will supply upon the request

This is latest job from GAF. smfreelances, Denis, the project owner is very good person to work with. I am pleased to work with him.

About the project, I change the whole layout because the old layout screwed how WordPress theme should be. LOL. I am good with HTML, CSS, DHTML, PHP so this work is not that difficult for me and I love to do neat coding for customer.

I think I am too much in detial oriented and my boss always says I spend too much time with that. (Of course he wants me to do something else too)

So I did the whole layout to make it look like and old website as much as I can with HTML, tablelsss (div) and CSS to control everything.

Please refer to the project page at http://www.getafreelancer.com/projects/114632.html

Image and link in this post has been taken down due to the owner’s privacy. I will supply upon the request

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