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Went To Khon Kaen For Friend’s Wedding


I went to Khon Kaen on last Friday night and come back here on Monday night. It was a fun trip. I met a lot of old friends again and feel like old days we were together. Of course, some are good and some are bad. Many of them changed their bad habit in a better way and most of them are kinda mature since 3 – 4 of them are already married and have kids.

The bus cost is 384 Baht for each trip so…. Not too bad, but next time I will fly with Air Asia which is only 440 Baht round trip to Udorn Thani and I will take a bus to Khon Kaen. Faster and cheaper. hehe

I got there about 3 am. and no wonder some of my friends still were in the local pub. haha. I called them and have them pick me from the bus station and brought me to my mother’s house. (couldn’t stay up late any more)

The next day was so hot like 40 c. , but I don’t really know,, that day in evening, I havegone with the other friends for drinks till late night. The hard rain poured all night long so we drunk a bit and go back to stay at hotel.

The next day after is traditional wedding in the morning and party night in evening. I spent most of afternoon help them to decorated the party. LOL Come out so wonderful and that night get drunk again. haha. poor me.

After come back to Bangkok, I need to see customer and finish some work. This is just a fun story from the weekend that I could share here. 😉

Happy New Year 2007

Happy New Year 2007Happy New Year 2007 for everyone

Even there are bombs in town, but I do celebrate anyway. I wish everyone happy all year long.

This year I went to @Richards (again) and met few friends. I was a good time since it’s a long time I didn’t go out.

Even though I didn’t see fireworks this year.

There are manything still twirling in my mind, but I will loosening the knot each day in living life in this year..

Happy new year everyone.

Escape To Chao Sam Raan Beach

Today we, LYC group, escaped the busy city to Chao Sam Raan Beach in Petchburi. Kinda relax. I like it.




When we got there, a little bit disappoint because there is no beach same exactly like last year.


And I met very sexy, sweet eyes guy, Jerry


This table is ready to start!


Above two pics was my camera,, sorry if I confuse you. LOL.. forget to remove the text.

Then we got ready to eat!


Tim is checking if his pant big enough before lunch.


Relax and waiting for food.


Then we starting to play pool valleyball.



Oh my goodness.. that’s myself looked fat from Bob’s camera. LOL


Other guy don’t play valleyball just relax around the pool


That’s sexy Jerry!


Have a break and drinking


Donnie choose to read a book


2 Rambos still have spared power!


Art still have something to think about at Bangkok?


We have a little friend join the trip too.


Pride! oops… good bye Chao Sam Raan Beach!


Tony reported..

Pride In Park – Bangkok

Today I went to pride in park (Suan Lumpini) and have some blast there.

I got there almost 2pm so the sunny shine make me sweat all day. The first thing I saw is booth, booth, booth and booth so not sure what to do because last year it’s a little bit different.

I walked pass to where it used to be the festival and I saw 2 young guys sang on the stage. I grabe my… my camera and take a photo.


Then I walked inside a little bit and say Balcony and Bug & Bee booths,, then Long Yang Club booth.



The other booths are also interesting!


05-atmosphere_small.jpg 06-booth_small.jpg 07-booth-movie_small.jpg 09-booth-fun_small.jpg 10-booth_small.jpg

I played a little bit of game and walk to many booths and get some water and ice cream too.

There are manythings interested me!

img_4924_small.jpg img_4925_small.jpg

Then I go to see Mr. Sexy Swimsuit contest. Very sexy and horny.






I like this guy (USA flag swimsuit). His cock also hard!




This guy is cute as hell.


I had a lot of fun today. Good night.


Another Night At Gym

Nice body

I went to gym last night as usually. (I have changed the routine to Monday, Wednesday, Friday.) Last night was not that crowed because I can started treadmill on 19th floor. I did for 30 min until my white-thin-layer-t-shirt just wet! and kind of seethrough. LOL Oh I just bought another short and gloves for weightlifting too. It hurts my hands last time when I lift some machine.

When I workout, I always look around to see other people to not make myself bored since I workout alone. Sometime I saw good body girl and nice body guy. Sometime Many time I saw people have body that not much different from me.

Last night I saw one cute trainer that just workout (in the other night he did his job) Wow,, he is in sleeveless tank top,, I saw his V-Shape body and nice biceps, tricepts and all his shoulder. Kind of nice to look, but can’t look for too long. hehe

Nice body As my first target is not to lose weight. Some people ask me how much I lose my weight… I said I didn’t measure lately. I will measure in next 5 months. My target is lose my body fat so I don’t worry if I gain my weight.

Well, It’s just a month pass (I think I workout about 9 times or something) Nothing look different for physically. Bob teased me to show my abs. LOL He would see only big belly. But what I can tell is I can walk with Treadmills machine a little longer and do some more weight lifting machine since I become familier with some machine already.

Those pics above, I think that’s nice body and I would have those body someday. LOL I knew that is a lot of work, but I don’t hurry. Oh,,, one thing is.. I can sleep deeper, but still too short. I think it would be better soon.

Last night also stopped by @Richards to joy Birthday’s party for about an hour. Happy birthday Victor!

Dinner With LYC Jan 27

Last Friday I went to Mali restaurant for dinner with LYC

RestaurantMali restaurant
(not on left image) Close to Babylon and Malaysia hotel
43 Sathorn Soi 1, Bangkok Thailand
Tel: 679 8693 , 286 7311 ext 171

I didn’t eat much and feel tired and hurt my neck from work,, might be sit the wrong way for too long. The food is good, I didn’t drink any alcohol there.

Actually I expected to meet someone there, he is there, but I didn’t talk to him much since normally dinner night will be sticky more than drink night.

Also on his table I didn’t know anyone so we just speak to each other a little bit. “Well, he said ‘what the fuck’ to me after all that night that we send message’

After left Mali restaurant, I went to @Richards with Pat and his bf. Not many people in @Richards and I decided to change the way to drink.

I didn’t order Heineken as usually, but I ordered cocktail “Cosmo Politian” and “Havey Bullerwall” (correct me if I am wrong)

I also like “Mojeoto” that Pat ordered. It’s about vodka and mint and something. I will order next time when I go out.

Waaaah,,, nobody tell me if they work out at CA fitness Silom,, so sad… I would be happy if have someone to work out. I still didn’t apply member yet, but very soon.

No Bad Luck Yesterday!

There are so many new people that night.. And some of them I talked with, some I didn’t.

Oh, Bob is back from Michigan and I met him last night again.. 🙂 , but didn’t see Mark.


I think I had fun. I didn’t have any bad luck on Friday the 13th. So,, I don’t believe it,, I think it’s just something people fear.


and someone mention that do not put his photo on my website,,, well that remind me very well to put it on my website, but this time I didn’t put copyright yet,,, let’s copy. haha


I didn’t bring my camera because I am the reporter. I have my own photographer. Haha

So,, that was a good night. Bob didn’t send me his pic. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr