Another Night At Gym

Nice body

I went to gym last night as usually. (I have changed the routine to Monday, Wednesday, Friday.) Last night was not that crowed because I can started treadmill on 19th floor. I did for 30 min until my white-thin-layer-t-shirt just wet! and kind of seethrough. LOL Oh I just bought another short and gloves for weightlifting too. It hurts my hands last time when I lift some machine.

When I workout, I always look around to see other people to not make myself bored since I workout alone. Sometime I saw good body girl and nice body guy. Sometime Many time I saw people have body that not much different from me.

Last night I saw one cute trainer that just workout (in the other night he did his job) Wow,, he is in sleeveless tank top,, I saw his V-Shape body and nice biceps, tricepts and all his shoulder. Kind of nice to look, but can’t look for too long. hehe

Nice body As my first target is not to lose weight. Some people ask me how much I lose my weight… I said I didn’t measure lately. I will measure in next 5 months. My target is lose my body fat so I don’t worry if I gain my weight.

Well, It’s just a month pass (I think I workout about 9 times or something) Nothing look different for physically. Bob teased me to show my abs. LOL He would see only big belly. But what I can tell is I can walk with Treadmills machine a little longer and do some more weight lifting machine since I become familier with some machine already.

Those pics above, I think that’s nice body and I would have those body someday. LOL I knew that is a lot of work, but I don’t hurry. Oh,,, one thing is.. I can sleep deeper, but still too short. I think it would be better soon.

Last night also stopped by @Richards to joy Birthday’s party for about an hour. Happy birthday Victor!

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