It’s too hot this summer

It’s too hot this summer

It’s really hot and I feel bad when I saw my electricity bill last month. It’s 3,540 Baht. Urggggg.

It’s too much for a little studio apartment and I need to move out soon. I hate this place. I still didn’t hear anything back from bank loan for new condo.

After I know I will decide what to do next, but I definitely need to move out this terrible place.

I promise myself I will not turn my a/c on till I know what I need to do. Oh my god. it’s really hot and I just need to put the ice packs under my balls while I am in my room.

It’s really help my feeling. During the day, I need to get out of the room. Today I am at Bug & Bee Silom.. I don’t know where I should go tomorrow because I really need internet connection too.

Get back to update!

ridgewood-condo.jpgOne of friend told me he can’t access my blog. Yes, I have moved the server from AZ to CA so took for 2 weeks because my admin just too lazy.

The I come back here to update the life.

I just quit my company and work only part time with them (Half day in afternoon on Monday and then full time in Tuesday and Thursday) and spend some more time on my own work.

Also now I am trying to get a loan and will buy the cheap condo so I will not waste my money each month to my apartment, but pay for something that I own.

I really wish I can find a good one. If some one know the place that not new about 30 sqm. and not over 800,000 baht, please tell me.