It’s too hot this summer

It’s too hot this summer

It’s really hot and I feel bad when I saw my electricity bill last month. It’s 3,540 Baht. Urggggg.

It’s too much for a little studio apartment and I need to move out soon. I hate this place. I still didn’t hear anything back from bank loan for new condo.

After I know I will decide what to do next, but I definitely need to move out this terrible place.

I promise myself I will not turn my a/c on till I know what I need to do. Oh my god. it’s really hot and I just need to put the ice packs under my balls while I am in my room.

It’s really help my feeling. During the day, I need to get out of the room. Today I am at Bug & Bee Silom.. I don’t know where I should go tomorrow because I really need internet connection too.

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