The Old Phone Broke

Nokia 1110iLast sunday, I have been put my Nokia 6600 Phone in Washing Machine accidently while I grab my bed sheet put in the machine to wash it regulary.

I have noticed the noise from the machine, but I didn’t think it’s my phone in there until I will make a call so I can’t find my phone and figured out it was in the washing machine already. ;(

So sad,, that one is most expensive phone I bought ($450) at that time. And it was the good one with all features it has.

So now I lose all my contact because I didn’t keep contact number in sim card, but I put it in my MMC of the phone. I have to find someone use the same phone model to move my contact number so.

Now I just bought the new phone (the image on the left hand) this one is cheap and I realize I should use the cheap one!

Anyone still wanna keep in touch so call me!

My Money is Growing!!

My money is growing

My money is growing!! Now I have $1,898.40 in bank accounts! It has been grow more than $400 from last month. I am kind of happy. I have never saved much money like this in each month in my life before.

I spend some money on personal job investment last month too, but didn’t get anything back from that yet. I have too many project in my head.

It’s only 6.3% to reach the goal. I hope I can reach 10% this year. So if you would like to help my dream come true soon, please support me! I really appreciate!!


Still Searching Place to Live


I am still searching the place to live. I have no clue if I will get one. It is really close to the end of month and I don’t know where to go if I can’t find the place.

I have tried for 2 weeks already. I will go out to find more tomorrow and hope to see the good one.

I think I will also go to see the movie “The Departed” tomorrow evening too. I luv Matt Daemon :p

My dream is still twirling in my head. My heart still request. When my dream will come true?