My Own Job Has Begun


Yeah, It’s a time. I have been thinking about it for a long time now I will start to do my own job a little bit in each day until I am ready to quit my job right now.

It’s website job which is I always do and it’s only thing I can do the best. Now I have planned and invested some money on it so. It’s about internet marketing and website stuffs. (About making the traffic and merchant affiliated)

I am starting this job for now and I will give sometime to share my story here. Now I can make $300 each month from this extra job. Well it’s not as much as my salary right now, but it’s what I can do from my hobbie.

And I think I could earn more if I do it seriously.


I have been tried, but I see only lies
I don’t want to say bye, but I don’t want to cry
I keep thinking I’m lonely and that make me more crazy
I really need love baby please come and kiss at my eyes.

It is really difficult to find who is real and care me. I have been waiting for too long after I open my mind. I knew the hurt and I really protect myself.

After the hurt I am try not stray too far from the sidewalk and it makes me hard to trust not only myself, but everyone around me. (is that from the song?)

It really makes me hard to try to fall for someone again. It’s my weak that I fall too easy. When I figured out that they didn’t care or really interested me, I try to step back.. I can’t hurt anymore.

So today I am still single and never had one. What should I do? *shurg*