What I Should Do Next?

im thinking of a number.jpgI am thinking about what I should do in next step if I quit my job. I talked to my boss yesterday evening and he said he will see if he can comes up with anything can solve the problem that I can’t stand to work for his company. He will talk to me again on Monday.

I think it’s very impossible that he can do anything so I am thinking what I should do. Should I do my own work or I should work for another company. Ther e is some company might want me.

What about my plan! Oh it’s a bit more difficult now because I will have to spend the extra money that I got too.

Any idea?

Choosing New Underwear?

Green Underwear

After gym yesterday I walked pass by a girl that choosing her new underwear from sidewalk shop and her guy still hold her waise.

She pick the see-thought yellowish color and stretching the little underwear. My mind keep fantasy that when they back home and might try it out and then her bf say something about and then ….. heheeh

It is too funny to think about that, but here is the advice to choose the new underwear!

Even I don’t wear the underwear much, but I love to see the other guy in underwear. haha

Myself like to wear the sport boxer and loose boxer. I don’t like brief and I don’t fit bikini because my legs look not good.

I remembered that when I was in AZ I heard the song like “I want to be your underwear so I can touch there and there and there” LOL I was like laughing and really like the song.

Back To The Gym

I now backing to the gym and will do in everyday before my membership expire! haha. I do enjoy in gym even I don’t talk to anyone.

I have felt that my body change in the better way, but I haven’t gone to gym for 2 weeks so my body have to start over again.

I need to lose fat at tummy and then build more muscle at biceps, triceps, calves, hamstring and shoulder and back. The part that is difficult for me is chess. I don’t know why.

I leave my work place at 7pm everyday and got the gym at 7.30pm then work out until 10pm and get back home. That’s my regular schedule.

Then at home I do some work to earn some extra money until 1am and go to sleep.

kind of bored? haha I know.

I Can’t Drink Coffee

CoffeeToday I got my work place at 10 am and nobody there and I don’t have the key. So I called my boss and he told me he will be there in 30 min so I went to eat something.

I got 3 pieces of bakery and I saw ice coffee in the menu. I knew that I could not drink coffee, but ice coffee was fine before. So I ordered ice coffee. When I drank, I taste it too strong, but I didn’t bother with the taste so I finish that cup.

An hour later I feel like I’m going to die, I was shaked and feel terrible all day. I tried to drink a lot of water (about 3 liter) and pee so many times.

I knew that I can’t drink coffee because I had this feeling before and I am enough. This time I just want to try so I may not feel like that anymore because I still like the smell of coffee.

I know from now on I will not try coffee anymore.

Now it’s 2.34 am and I need to sleep. Good night.

My Future?

Fuck I have been thinking of my future for a while and not sure what to do next. I can tell that now I am living for today and try to be survived and be well through tomorrow.

I am not satisfy what I am right now and heard from deep inside that I wanted something. I have been thinking..

I might try to the US visa again. This time I will try to get student visa, but I have to save big money first. This will take like a year I guess, but would be good if I have any good chance to have that amount of money soon.

I am finding that I would earn more money if my English is better and I could work in a different place and field.

Well if you can give me the chance that I can earn more money (or you will give me some. hehe), please let me know.

Love U.