Close To The Festival

I have a plan to going back to hometown for the festival,, to see my parents, relatives, friends.

I haven’t been back for a long time already.. Need to quit from a big city.. to have some relax time..

I think my life need something new also.. Sometime I satisfied my situation, sometime I upset for my situation.. I hate a lonely broke life. I love some quiet time. Damn it.


Back this time I expected to see my niece (my sister’s daughter) and my friend’s baby. They both are girls. I like babies very much,, I’d like to have my own kids sometime in my life. LOVE LOVE LOVE Babies

I think I have to improve my English soon… Anyone wanna help?

So Good Massage Tonight

I didn’t go to gym tonight because I didn’t prepare my clothes and things. Yesterday was rain so hard when I back home from gym and my shoes, backpack are wet!

So I also lose the 3 trips for my BTS prepaid card because it expired on 31 March. 🙁 too bad,, that I didn’t manage money well.

Thai traditional massageWell I also got the massage coupon from my boss last 2 months ago and will expire tonight too,, it cost about 450 baht and I want to massage so bad… I know it is so good! and BTS card only 54 baht left (3 trips) so I choose to go to massage instead of go somewhere to use BTS card. HaHa.

So I went there tonight by motorcycle about 9 pm and choose a male massaur. Grin Grin…
No no no!,, The massage here is not kind of any erotic things. But I always like to have massaur is a male because if I get hard on, I won’t embarrass or anything, I better let him play my body. Haha. Don’t be surprise,, it happens all the time. (I mean hards on)

Soooooooooo good

The place I go is “Healthland Spa” at Sathorn branch. Sometime they called “Healthland Sathorn” also. The place is on Sathorn Rd. Opposite the UOB bank and close to Surasak BTS and Chong Nonsi BTS so you can take BTS and either take motorcycle or just walk to the place.

The place is nice, clean, fresh smell and good service. If you walk-in, you have to wait about 30 min so you better called to reserved the massaur and the room. The phone number is 02 637-8883. The website is, but they got server down today. LOL

Use every part of body to massage all of your bodySo I got the small room tonight and after change clothes I told him I am ready.
He started at foots,,, surprisingly me! Because I have been to use the service here before and I finished Thai massage classes from Wat Po as well so I should know all step he will do.

I thought in my mind,, is this the shit massage going to happend?? I talked to one of my friend for a week ago that he must get a shit massage from the place at Thaniya building because they do only 1 hour and too cheap. During I think about that,, immediatly I change my mind because he massaged the right spot, right style and keep going as a good massaur.

He pressed the good pressure and good interval each spot. Oh this could be from another good massage school, I guess. The steps close to Wat Po style, but a lot different and a lot detail. So I keep quiet because the massaur will have to pay attention what he did and I will ask him at the end.

So this time was so good and after finished, I tip him for a hundred baht and ask where he got this massage style,, he said this place also teach the massage,, that’s new news! They just have a school and probably apply all techniques together,, so brillions!

I walked back home with smile 😀