Sored Throat

I got back from dinner with friends.. That was nice with them. I didn’t setup the internet for a friend because someone did for him already.

They went more and I just go home and being lonely. haha. A little bit weird feeling. Actually I got a little bit sored throat too.

Just thinking about what to do tomorrow. hmm.. Think about to do something like movie with Tim if he don’t go to Chatuchuk with friends, but he didn’t answer my phone. So.. if he don’t call me tomorrow, maybe just stay home or go gym.. that’s all.

Oh,, I have meeting with Don about the website at 6pm.

Good night.. Yawnnnn

Alright Now It’s Clear

Sorry for the drunk update last night! hehe, but that was fun.

For the last post that I was really upset and worry.. Now I know what it is. So now it’s ok.

Don’t tell anybody I update my blog during the work hour! shhhhhhhhhh (well my job give me the chance. LOL)

But one thing about my grey hair… people really notice them! oh my gawd.

I don’t know, but I decided to leave it grey.. not change it to black again.

Last night I went to cut my hair at Cutie beauty (Philip and Golf are owners) in the Taniya building and went to have some drinks at @Richards and then move to Telephone.. I was drunk and didn’t know how did I get home.

I have sometime to thought and remind that I left about 12am and take BTS and then motocycle. Got home and shower and sleep like a kid till 9am.


Update From Telephone

It’s just first time to connect the internet at telephone pub here.. wow kinda so fast … I think I will come here often…, but it’s kinda weird to use the computer when other pelple drinking

no matter I am drinking too. but it’s just new exprrience to do something now and fun because there are a lot of eyes watcing what I am really doing while othere people are drinking, LOL

okie I gotta go because I need to pee. LOL


My New Rule & My New Look

Don’t Let Anyone Guess Your Age!

I usually let people guessing my age when they ask about my age. No more!! no more!! I will tell them right away if they ask.

Lately when people guessing my age, they would polite guessing not over 30 or about 29 – 30! Oh my goodness. I am just 27 and now I look like 30 already.

Look at my hair started mixing with grey hair. That was a heritage from my dad and mom! haha. Too bad, but it’s me. I don’t wanna change color to black again, but I might prefer to do the other hi-light color.

I am going to cut my hair this week, who is going to go with me??? OK I go alone again I guess.

–Today I think a lot, yes and that mean a lot, about that someone think I might seeking for sexual or something in guy I just know. I am really worry and confuse plus frustrating that what make he thinks like that because I have never ever seeking in sexual way with any people entire my life. That’s why I never had any bf and still single until now or maybe I have something wrong with myself.

I wish someone can confirm something to me that Am I look like someone seeking for sex or I am all-the-time good boy? If no one confirm to me, I guess I look like about that guy thinks and that will make me cry.


I’m Look Great Today, But Lonelier Than Any Day

Manything bother my mind since the morning. I just woke up and went to gym like usual in almost everyday.

Workout fine and go to work,, got work early and doing some personal stuff before start my work.

Thinking about myself if quiting the job for school… Boss talked to me he might shrink the company size down and he will focus on the other company he owns.

Read the BK magazine and think about my Mom and called her.

Thinking about Christmas present it should be ready before this end of this month.. Thinking of the old day I had in Christmas 2004.

I still be alone,, only myself. Wow…. even I don’t want, but seem I am a happier person since those time get me down before..

I will prepare myself to be the new person who loves myself more than anyone else. I will thinking about my family and people who close to my life than anyone else.

Just wonder where I will be when the celebrate time is coming.. I guess the cold weather is coming a little bit closer and that just makes me lonely. I should be fine.

Escape To Chao Sam Raan Beach

Today we, LYC group, escaped the busy city to Chao Sam Raan Beach in Petchburi. Kinda relax. I like it.




When we got there, a little bit disappoint because there is no beach same exactly like last year.


And I met very sexy, sweet eyes guy, Jerry


This table is ready to start!


Above two pics was my camera,, sorry if I confuse you. LOL.. forget to remove the text.

Then we got ready to eat!


Tim is checking if his pant big enough before lunch.


Relax and waiting for food.


Then we starting to play pool valleyball.



Oh my goodness.. that’s myself looked fat from Bob’s camera. LOL


Other guy don’t play valleyball just relax around the pool


That’s sexy Jerry!


Have a break and drinking


Donnie choose to read a book


2 Rambos still have spared power!


Art still have something to think about at Bangkok?


We have a little friend join the trip too.


Pride! oops… good bye Chao Sam Raan Beach!


Tony reported..

New Laptop Compaq Presario B1917TU

Compaq Presario B1917TU

I bought new laptop last weekend because the other one, Dell inspiron 1000, has a problem and too hot. So I decided to buy the new one.

This one is cute and small. only 12 inches monitor. Cute, Small, Light, Many skills just like me! hehe

I still don’t know what to do with the old one yet. Maybe sell or something, but now I just leave it and need to transfer information first.

Pride In Park – Bangkok

Today I went to pride in park (Suan Lumpini) and have some blast there.

I got there almost 2pm so the sunny shine make me sweat all day. The first thing I saw is booth, booth, booth and booth so not sure what to do because last year it’s a little bit different.

I walked pass to where it used to be the festival and I saw 2 young guys sang on the stage. I grabe my… my camera and take a photo.


Then I walked inside a little bit and say Balcony and Bug & Bee booths,, then Long Yang Club booth.



The other booths are also interesting!


05-atmosphere_small.jpg 06-booth_small.jpg 07-booth-movie_small.jpg 09-booth-fun_small.jpg 10-booth_small.jpg

I played a little bit of game and walk to many booths and get some water and ice cream too.

There are manythings interested me!

img_4924_small.jpg img_4925_small.jpg

Then I go to see Mr. Sexy Swimsuit contest. Very sexy and horny.






I like this guy (USA flag swimsuit). His cock also hard!




This guy is cute as hell.


I had a lot of fun today. Good night.


Before and After

Before and After

Above is my body photo before I start work out and after that 7 months. It’s very small change, but I am happy. I wish I can motivate myself to go to gym more!

My weight is really same, 69 Kg. (good number) or 152 Lbs. not even change with in 7 months and my height is 174 cm. or 5’8 ft.

The nice body going to be gift for my future lover! 🙂

So I can sing “Don’t you wish you had your boyfriend hot like me.” haha