Broke Broke Broke

Wow I am so broke. I have very less money left.. oh my goodness. I can’t believe.

I was decided to spend the last amount of money for the shipping cost to send the xmas presents that I have prepared for the people I know in USA. If I don’t spend, why bother I bought those presents, right?

Also the end of this week, I will buy some presents for 4 persons. I just like to give them. I would be happy if they like it.

Also will do some xmas cards for people too. Next month will prepare some cards and presents for people here.

I am happying with the giving I am doing.



Oh no… this month is not growing… ;(


My saving money less than last month for $400. There are many reason that my money drop to that figure.

– The Thai Baht is stronger almost 35 Baht / Dollar
– My Laptop is broken so I have to buy the new one $1200
– My phone is broken so I have to buy the new one $50
– Last month get less extra earning.

So now money in Bangkok bank left only early $200. I need to make more money soon.

Next year I have a plan to quit my job and go back to school for 2 years so I need to save money for that first. The cost for study 2 years is $3000 so. And also I will not have salary to support. I will have think about what job I can do during I studying.

My dream is also still in my head.. if you feel comfortable to support, I invite you to read my dream and my service.

God bless Tony

Awwww forgot to take photo of those presents!

I sent my friends and people I know in the states some presents, but I forgot to take a photo!!

baaa I should.

I bought the handicraft bamboo placemats for mom (Arizona mom) and some name card boxes for David, Dennis, Carrie, Tony and then chopsticks set for Mary. My sweety jeffo got the website! I think he would like it.

Oh wait… forgot present for Princess and Flash 🙁 Sorry kids… Next year I promise.

Lazy Saturday

Myself’s formal photo

Last night I went to Victory monument and have dinner with a new friend. I just help him to try Thai food.

Seem he likes it.

I don’t know there is a shopping mall there called “Century Movie Plaza”. LOL
All farangs always thinks I should know the places in Bangkok more than them. Hell no.

I didn’t have much money so we split the cost. hehe. He won’t get paid soon. After finish dinner I just get back home.

In the morning I woke up and took photo of myself to use for the formal things online.

It’s one of my room’s wall and my Canon camera. I forgot to remove that acne spot, but I don’t care anymore. LOL

You never know I had only shirt on and below is naked. LOL

Getting Recovered

img_4835.JPGHappy Thanksgiving everyone. I hope you enjoy the turkey that I don’t have a chance to eat!

Tonight is just another night.. nothing speicial for me. I am not American and none of American ask me to eat with them.

Same as my Thai friends. They all forgot that they have one friend here. Oh.. sooooo good. 🙁

I am happy I think I almost recovered from sick. Only feel mucus bother my throat, but seem it’s not bad.

All the fever just gone slightly.

I miss many people tonight. People that don’t know I missed them.

I miss you.

Sick At Home

Sick sick sick is what I don’t like, but it is just something happen sometime. It’s just bother me because it makes me feel lonely a lot. Gimme sume hugs.. gimme some hugs.. :p

I like to go out lately because it helps me from being lonely, but that I have to spend a lot of money. I just broke now. I guess I will just stay in this month.

This month is just bad.. My laptop is broken and my phone is broken and those are just important to use too.

Anyway, I got new laptop that makes me happy when I use it, but the phone is kinda bother me because so difficult to use. LOL It’s just a cheap phone, but it’s ok.

Have you seen my new laptop yet? Very cool LOL. Sorry for being show off. hehe

It’s really weird lately. I sents text to friends, friends didn’t answer. I sent emails to friends for couple days ago, friends didn’t answer either. Also I was online on the website and send message,, they didn’t answer too.

I think I should stop contacting them. They might get bother, I think. They will contact me if they wants to talk to me or wants my help. I don’t want to disturb anybody. I want only good friends.

So when good friends read this message, please get back to me soon. haha.

Better Today

The sick still not gone, but it’s better.

I am waiting for someone
I am waiting for hugs

Take care each other when sick
Take care each other when down

Someone that will make me proud
Someone that will make me crush

Kissing his eyes to wake him up in the morning
Kissing his lips when we go to sleeping

Cuddling on sofa when watching TV
All those love just always melt me

But when he will come…