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Guest Book Project

Guest Book Project

I got guest book project recently and just finished it today. Customer need some fields with visual captcha. Then display the entry in the same page. The admin including banned email/ip and edit/approve new entries also change admin user/pass and some configuration.

Immigration Web Application


Visa And Work Permit for one stop service center of Thailand Immigration Bureau (Ladprao branch) is a web application that migrate of 7-year-old windows application which in written in VB and used Access database.

Migration to web application
Our new application written by me as an outsource programmer for Softnix Technology Co,.Ltd. The application is web application written in PHP and mySQL database driven on Windows 2000 Server platform. (Use IIS as a web server). As an web application we also use HTML, JavaScript, CSS, AJAX to implement the needed.

The application needs to support 10 – 20 clients at the same time to service the customer at the immigration office.

The system consists of Users system with multi-level privileges, Search systems with AJAX implemented, Immigration application form management, Invoice systems, Reports with online screen and export to spreadsheet. All systems including on screen printable (printer friendly)

The backend (Administration area) also including in this application that consists of user and privileges management, content management and report management.

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Having Amazon Astore in your Theme

I spent sometime (long enoungh) to customize Amazon Astore to use my website theme. Yes, of course.. in my own URL too. This is quite cool and you can do your own SEO, add Adsense and other advertise too.

Click here to visit my music store

Look at google statistic on site operator.


If you are interested to have one, just contact me.

What you need?

  1. Amazon Astore & Adsense or another ads account
  2. Your own domain name
  3. Web hosting Linux, Apache, PHP
  4. $$$

What you get?
Your Astore in your theme, your URL with advertise you can add inside. Limited only one store per this cost.

Replica WordPress Theme!


Got another project about WordPress theme. This one is replica of another site which mean I have to do the layout. This is easy job for me, but take sometime to fining the code of HTML, CSS.

This project I am the first person to bid and said I will do the demo for her. Fortunately she likes my demo and chosen me! Thank you.

Convert Joomla dB to WordPress

This previous job from GAF. The project owner, akoemi, a Malaysian guy lives in Japan. He is a good provider who patient and well communicated.

This project was about convert Joomla posts to WordPress blog posts and manage them in old category name. Also do the wordpress slug style which is a little bit URL style from openSEF, Joomla component for Search Engine Friendly URL.

Then also clone the Joomla template to WordPress theme.


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WP Theme from Existing Template


Screenshot will supply upon the request

This is latest job from GAF. smfreelances, Denis, the project owner is very good person to work with. I am pleased to work with him.

About the project, I change the whole layout because the old layout screwed how WordPress theme should be. LOL. I am good with HTML, CSS, DHTML, PHP so this work is not that difficult for me and I love to do neat coding for customer.

I think I am too much in detial oriented and my boss always says I spend too much time with that. (Of course he wants me to do something else too)

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Quote system for drug store

I started to get a freelance job from the internet. This one is the first project I got from AtlanticSoft at GAF which I bid really low price, $50, because I wanted to win the first project so bad. I believe this my work worth more than $200.

The project is about create the function of quote system for drug store, zencart system. Customer can fill the form from that prescription, then the store will give the price.

The website and all logo will be removed because the project owner ask not to reveal, but please refer to GAF project.

See the screenshot below. The actual site is different than below images a little bit.

This is the quote form with 5 sets of product form.

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