Nothing New Lately

Just a normal life… go to work, go to gym and back home. Have some quiet time,, cooking and do laundry,, that’s all.

Final Destination

Last Sunday I went to see the movie “Final Destination 3” and the movie quite scared.. I think it would be PG13 rated, but I like the way the girl acting.. very well and can feel she is really scared what gonna happen.

Actually I want to see Geisha, but too late I guess so this movie is not bad.

I am looking around myself when I have quiet time.. There are so manything to do, but seem that not yet ready to start. Sometime I felt I am lost in the lonely world… I got to do something.. or plan to do something soon.

I might move to Canada or somewhere.. The place here make me lonely and feel not happy at all. Need to gathering information and money. mighe be next few years. who knows!

Embarrassed Story : The Condom Fell on Skytrain

Let me laughing. Hahahahahahaha. Whaaaaaa ;( sob sob

Condom Seller Machine a month ago or two I went to Makro to buy some stuffs for office. When I got there I need to go to restroom for number 2 then I need the tissue paper. I found the machine to sell tissue everywhere usually in public restroom or restroom in any big mall.

I thought it was a tissue seller machine, but it was a condom seller machine! LOL I didn’t pay attention until I got a box. Then just laughing in my mind and found out they had tissue paper in the toilet anyway.

I kept that box with the other condoms in my backpack and think about to move them to somewhere else that will not notice easy or fall out. I forgot about that for so long long long and everytime when I saw them.

Condom BoxIt was yesterday I went to gym like usually with Skytrain and were the sunglasses because it still early afternoon.

I was stand up and walked to the door as it was close to station I want to leave. Then a few second later I felt that someone touch my shoulder slightly for a few times and when I turned to see what happend.

The picture at that time was like,, He showed me the condom box which is look like a chewgum’s box (thank for that a bit) then I looked down to my backpack and see the side-bag was unzipped. I also saw the green condom is still inside,, thank god that one didn’t fall.

I make it completely like normal situation to pretended it was something normally can fall from my unzipped bag and dead face with sunglasses still on, said “Oh, Thank you” then recieve the condom box from him and walk out the skytrain.

How embarrassed I am? LOL

Forget The Key Inside Locker

Hehe. Poor me. I went to gym tonight and like it used to be… change clothes, bring the gloves and bag then lock the locker.

Cut a lockThen tight my shoes and will go to the 19th floor to start workout.

I started to check everything,,, damn it.. where is my key?? I rewinded all pictures in my mind and got it. “I didn’t take it out from my pocket!”

So,, don’t know what to do. Didn’t start workout yet so I ask somebody in locker room what I can do if I forget the key inside locker.

They are real nice told me that tell the person who give me the towels to cut it. So I go to ask them they said , they need to cut and tell me go to workout first and right back to meet him there.

Then I feel better and go to workout,, I like it today because not many people and I can workout any machine I like. Also not many cute today too ;(

After finish I just back to see the towel guy and go to break the lock and show him my id card. Then I just change clothes and back home “NO STEAM AND SHOWER THERE TONIGHT” Whaaaa I missed steam room.

The Fortune Teller

I went to see Bob’s computer for a few min and tell him to ask the apartment to check the network then go to the Central Pier.

The boat head to Wang Lang Pier then I was waited for me friend a couple min then we walked to find the fortune teller that I know from the other friend.

We got the que number 9 for my friend and 10 for me then we go to find something to eat.

Fortune Teller

After we finished eat so we go back to the fortune teller and still have to wait for an hour.

Onething she mentioned is true is “I am gay” The couple of things she guess just wrong. Also she predicted that I will have to get back and live in my hometown.. that would not be possible. LOL Well,, who knows.

She guess my friend so wrong. Manything are really wrong. My friend said “Bullshit”. Haha

I think that not many Thai guy go to see fortune teller and I also go with my friend.. that why she guess we are gay. She also tried to guess my friend is gay as well. LOL

I just wonder that am I look so gay??????

Funny Sunday.

Another Night At Gym

Nice body

I went to gym last night as usually. (I have changed the routine to Monday, Wednesday, Friday.) Last night was not that crowed because I can started treadmill on 19th floor. I did for 30 min until my white-thin-layer-t-shirt just wet! and kind of seethrough. LOL Oh I just bought another short and gloves for weightlifting too. It hurts my hands last time when I lift some machine.

When I workout, I always look around to see other people to not make myself bored since I workout alone. Sometime I saw good body girl and nice body guy. Sometime Many time I saw people have body that not much different from me.

Last night I saw one cute trainer that just workout (in the other night he did his job) Wow,, he is in sleeveless tank top,, I saw his V-Shape body and nice biceps, tricepts and all his shoulder. Kind of nice to look, but can’t look for too long. hehe

Nice body As my first target is not to lose weight. Some people ask me how much I lose my weight… I said I didn’t measure lately. I will measure in next 5 months. My target is lose my body fat so I don’t worry if I gain my weight.

Well, It’s just a month pass (I think I workout about 9 times or something) Nothing look different for physically. Bob teased me to show my abs. LOL He would see only big belly. But what I can tell is I can walk with Treadmills machine a little longer and do some more weight lifting machine since I become familier with some machine already.

Those pics above, I think that’s nice body and I would have those body someday. LOL I knew that is a lot of work, but I don’t hurry. Oh,,, one thing is.. I can sleep deeper, but still too short. I think it would be better soon.

Last night also stopped by @Richards to joy Birthday’s party for about an hour. Happy birthday Victor!