Forget The Key Inside Locker

Hehe. Poor me. I went to gym tonight and like it used to be… change clothes, bring the gloves and bag then lock the locker.

Cut a lockThen tight my shoes and will go to the 19th floor to start workout.

I started to check everything,,, damn it.. where is my key?? I rewinded all pictures in my mind and got it. “I didn’t take it out from my pocket!”

So,, don’t know what to do. Didn’t start workout yet so I ask somebody in locker room what I can do if I forget the key inside locker.

They are real nice told me that tell the person who give me the towels to cut it. So I go to ask them they said , they need to cut and tell me go to workout first and right back to meet him there.

Then I feel better and go to workout,, I like it today because not many people and I can workout any machine I like. Also not many cute today too ;(

After finish I just back to see the towel guy and go to break the lock and show him my id card. Then I just change clothes and back home “NO STEAM AND SHOWER THERE TONIGHT” Whaaaa I missed steam room.

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