Having Amazon Astore in your Theme

I spent sometime (long enoungh) to customize Amazon Astore to use my website theme. Yes, of course.. in my own URL too. This is quite cool and you can do your own SEO, add Adsense and other advertise too.

Click here to visit my music store

Look at google statistic on site operator.


If you are interested to have one, just contact me.

What you need?

  1. Amazon Astore & Adsense or another ads account
  2. Your own domain name
  3. Web hosting Linux, Apache, PHP
  4. $$$

What you get?
Your Astore in your theme, your URL with advertise you can add inside. Limited only one store per this cost.

Another Furnisher I Made

Book Shelf

I spent last weekend which I don’t have to go to school to clean up and do some decorating. I bought a shelf wood from home pro and installed them by myself.

Life is still busy. Maybe because I have to make more money and have to go school too. I am not sure this is what my life want, but still enjoy living in new home.

My Block Poster

My Block Poster

A relax day on last Sunday that I don’t have a class. It is very long time to have a break in Sunday and that day I was very happy to stay home.

I didn’t do anything about work and started cleaning my room and thinking about decoration my room.

I found a good website that you can upload your photo and make a block poster. So I have one side of wall empty and thinking about have my block poster.

And next Sunday I will have a class again 🙁

Move to new condo already

I will update on that later, but here is my new pic

Me buzz my head again :)

Me buzz my head again 🙂. I have been in new place for 18 days already. Kinda bumby ride, but I am happy. I have no internet yet, but now I have it shared with neighbor so manytime I frustrating that I lose connection, but well this is only way I can do.

So I can’t work on my own much. This month I earn very low, but I hope I could cover all bills.. also next month too.

Now my room is very messy because some of stuff still in boxes, bags. I need more shelf and drawer and cabinet, but now I am really broke from paying too much already.

Just an update.

Where are all of you guys!

Getting a new condo!

Getting a new condo!

It’s too hot here in Bangkok and I am melting.

I am getting a new condo room. I will go to check my condo for last time on 20th April and then will sign a loan contract with bank about 26th April. It’s my first house and first big debt.

Here is the location of my condo

I, hopefully, will be happy at new place and get nice neighborhood. My new place will have seperated kitchen, small balcony too. Also at the center facility will has sauna room, gym and swimming pool too.

Building will have key card and security guard from the gate of condo.

Room is small about 30 sqm. and about 8 MRT stations from Silom.

Above is my new photo today with my friend’s new camera 🙂 I hope you like it.

It’s too hot this summer

It’s too hot this summer

It’s really hot and I feel bad when I saw my electricity bill last month. It’s 3,540 Baht. Urggggg.

It’s too much for a little studio apartment and I need to move out soon. I hate this place. I still didn’t hear anything back from bank loan for new condo.

After I know I will decide what to do next, but I definitely need to move out this terrible place.

I promise myself I will not turn my a/c on till I know what I need to do. Oh my god. it’s really hot and I just need to put the ice packs under my balls while I am in my room.

It’s really help my feeling. During the day, I need to get out of the room. Today I am at Bug & Bee Silom.. I don’t know where I should go tomorrow because I really need internet connection too.

Get back to update!

ridgewood-condo.jpgOne of friend told me he can’t access my blog. Yes, I have moved the server from AZ to CA so took for 2 weeks because my admin just too lazy.

The I come back here to update the life.

I just quit my company and work only part time with them (Half day in afternoon on Monday and then full time in Tuesday and Thursday) and spend some more time on my own work.

Also now I am trying to get a loan and will buy the cheap condo so I will not waste my money each month to my apartment, but pay for something that I own.

I really wish I can find a good one. If some one know the place that not new about 30 sqm. and not over 800,000 baht, please tell me.

Replica WordPress Theme!


Got another project about WordPress theme. This one is replica of another site which mean I have to do the layout. This is easy job for me, but take sometime to fining the code of HTML, CSS.

This project I am the first person to bid and said I will do the demo for her. Fortunately she likes my demo and chosen me! Thank you.