Embarrassed Story : The Condom Fell on Skytrain

Let me laughing. Hahahahahahaha. Whaaaaaa ;( sob sob

Condom Seller Machine a month ago or two I went to Makro to buy some stuffs for office. When I got there I need to go to restroom for number 2 then I need the tissue paper. I found the machine to sell tissue everywhere usually in public restroom or restroom in any big mall.

I thought it was a tissue seller machine, but it was a condom seller machine! LOL I didn’t pay attention until I got a box. Then just laughing in my mind and found out they had tissue paper in the toilet anyway.

I kept that box with the other condoms in my backpack and think about to move them to somewhere else that will not notice easy or fall out. I forgot about that for so long long long and everytime when I saw them.

Condom BoxIt was yesterday I went to gym like usually with Skytrain and were the sunglasses because it still early afternoon.

I was stand up and walked to the door as it was close to station I want to leave. Then a few second later I felt that someone touch my shoulder slightly for a few times and when I turned to see what happend.

The picture at that time was like,, He showed me the condom box which is look like a chewgum’s box (thank for that a bit) then I looked down to my backpack and see the side-bag was unzipped. I also saw the green condom is still inside,, thank god that one didn’t fall.

I make it completely like normal situation to pretended it was something normally can fall from my unzipped bag and dead face with sunglasses still on, said “Oh, Thank you” then recieve the condom box from him and walk out the skytrain.

How embarrassed I am? LOL

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