Month of So Many Things

It’s been a lot of thing happened in April of 2011.

  • Broken heart
  • Buy new phone
  • Phone (above) broken
  • Festival of splashing water (Songkran)
  • Clients ask if works are done right after holiday (above)

Mostly are stuff on my mind.. I have been dealing with. It’s just not easy to wipe it away like data in computer or can’t happened like phone broke and everything just gone away.

I have been trying to be busy and not let my mind think about him, but it is just difficult. Maybe I need more time.

One thing is also in my mind is my pics with him will be also wipe away.. I have no other pic with him in my computer.. or anywhere. Maybe it’s time to move on. It is hurt when you live with unrequited love. How many time will it take for me?… to get it right..

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