60th Anniversary My King accession to the Throne

After work (I worked half day) on Friday and leave to get ready at home and go to Sanam Laung with my friends.

Yellow day

You would feel different if you didn’t wear yellow shirt because other people wear the yellow! I don’t have yellow shirt that day because I just wash my yellow shirt and hang. So I had to wear red shirt to go out. LOL

I feel embarras and different, but I still confident. LOL
Then I found the shop and bought the shirt and have change the shirt after eatting dinner.

I lost with my friends within a min because a million people wear the same color! LOL

Not only Thai celebrate my king

Then I tried to watch the rehearsal of royal boat.. soooo many people waiting to see. I can see a little bit because I was too far from the riverside.

Royal Boat Rehearsal

I also have some photo for the light at night

Then my battery just die ;( I wanna take more photo actually!

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