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New Year Eve with LYC

I thought I will not go for this party since I have some money problem and also still recovering from sick ;(

So one of new Farang friend wanna go to see what’s going on with LYC Thailand.. He invited me and paid for me. Oh,, ok… sick is not that bad so I took 6 Heinekens as my pills. haha Actually he keep tracking me everyday if I feel ok for Saturday night.


I was kind of enjoy the club since I have no gay friend much. SO LYC is big group of gay friend. Well,,it’s just me,, somebody noticed that I was so quiet and alone. I am not good to talk in English much,, not talkative, but talk some – alot when speak Thai.

Wit and ??? What is your name girl in pink..

I met my friend at BTS then walked to Soi 2. That was just 7.50pm… not many people there. My friend don’t wanna be the very first person in party. I was up to him. I am easy. So he wants to walk around until 8ish.

We walked and talk in Silom Complex for half hour, I guess. Then we walk back to The Mix. Still not many people, but we got in. (No where else to go, uh?)

What are you guys talking?

We sit for a little while the people are coming.

Party is crowed of people, I guess it’s about 30 – 40 people and have some fun talked… Some people comes with his bf. Oh I have no bf. haha. Actually I like someone there, but sadly he has bf already… It’s ok.. I won’t bother him. hehe

Red eyes

So I talked to many people and introduce my new friend to them. I talked to Pat, Wit, Art, Jim, Richart, Martin and Jerry,,, There are some people too… don’t even remember name sometime. It’s ok,, take sometime.

Art, Scott

Art talked and convinced me manytime to take the photo,, So here you go. You said, don’t add your photo on website,, No I won’t. Wahahaahh

A lot of people

There are so many people I don’t know them. hehe… oh well I didn’t talk to other people I don’t know them much,,, one guy came and talk to me… ‘You must be Tony,, I know you from web… Blah blah..’ Kind of embarrassing me that people know me from this blog. ewwww *blush*

Time to eat

I finished 6 bottles of Heineken and will not drink more because I know myself.. Then I just walked around, talked to people and took some photo.

Jerry, Scott, Art

The bartender forced me to sniff kiss him before I got 3rd Heineken! They are cute doh. One of them is really cute, but too much flirting on me. hehe.. I am more shy than them. And also I LIKE FARANG, not Thai. haha

Martin Tam Arai?

Killing smile

Then close to midnight everyone standing,, Jim tested the mic upstair,, not working properly. Haha… Counted down to zero then say Happy New Year.

People comes and kisse me, hug me. Haha Baaaaaa… We did exchange kiss and hug to each other and we were Happy New Year….

Spend time there for a while and we left. I got home and online a little and fell asleep with weird lonely in my mind. I missed someone else in another part of the world.. Not know he will thinking of me or not.. It’s ok.. Time will heal my wound.