Terrible Sleep

I have a sleep problem for a long time,, sometime I can’t sleep,,,, the longest happened to me was 3 nights (Yeah and also had to go to work)

Sleep on toilet

And I still have some problem.. I have been slept not deep,, was like I awoke almost the time. I really try some to sleep, but my mind thinking about something. Sometime I just thought about how to sleep..

I did count the sheep, I did meditation. I couldn’t continue those for long and my mind will change to think about something else. I did J/O and it didn’t work also.

moon I thought about do something to make me tired and can sleep deeper. I thought about go to gym and went to ask today, but no luck. I will go to ask somewhere else, but I like the place that closes to my apartment because I leave work late. (7 pm.)

coffee It’s also difficult at work because I will fall asleep at work,, not good. I can’t drink coffee because there is some awful effect from coffee to me. (can make me die) I tried to drink tea and coke,, not help much.

I wonder any other way can help me sleep deeper,, I don’t take sleeping pill. I can take some herb pills, but not now because I don’t feel those help me much and it is expensive.

Help me if you have the other idea.

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