Happy New Year 2006

Kind of hurry to post happy new year, but don’t know what to post,, and this will be good for you guys that will not have time to read on holiday… so I should say now.


Oh,, small text you couldn’t read? It said

I wish you have a good time with people you love
If you don’t have your soulmate yet, let you have one soon
Or if you don’t want one, let you have more friend.

I wish you stay healthy all year long
I wish you you have anything you wanted
I wish you the best thing come along

So I made the new template for celebrate new year too,,, just a simple one since I have no creative brain right now. I wish you guys like it.

I probably will design again later soon after new year and will post more too. This might be the last blog for this year… not that last, but who know,, if I have something interesting,,, I would post more.

Talking about holiday,,, I really wanna go somewhere,, one of Farang friends will go to Lao,,, One stay at Nepal,,, LOL I don’t wanna go to Nepal.

Also LYC will have party at The Mix (New name @Richards), but I will not go since they charged for admission for 500 Baht, but I am poor. LOL If 200 Baht, I might. Haha

Thank you to Tom that pay for me that night, I hope you enjoy the night and like the group 😉 — edited@Jan 2, 2006

If they still have party at Oasis,,, the roof.. That’s nice place. I could go since I can bring my drink with me. I have no idea now.

It’s ok… I could just stay home or being around Bangkok anywhere…. Have some fun alone.. (How can it be? hehehe)

I’m kind of sick lately… I am so weak.. I should go to see doctor soon,,, Or not go at all? Well,,, I think I really try to stay healthy, but sometime it couldn’t help… I didn’t exercise at all.

Anyway,, I’d like to go to massage.. I could go on New Year Eve. LOL

Enjoy your holidays!

See ya,

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