Still slow after new year

I was back to work yesterday, but seem everything still slow since my boss is not yet coming back from the States. I have been checking my work, but still not much to do since I have to waiting the decision from my boss.


I also started to estimated to cost of everything before leaving my company and will try to make decision within this month. The bills and payment are horrible because it’s more than my salary. LOL

I am thinking about cut off manything I don’t need and will estimating again sometime this weekend. I am really looking for more job to online after work too. The gym things might need to cut off too.

Also then I might move to new place which is cheaper or maybe I might not quit my job, but try to concentrate more. Maybe I can talk and have some agreement with my boss. I am not yet making any decision for now, but I will prepare how to take off in a good way.

This weekend I will go to apply for the school and then in March I will go for the interview. If it sounds good I will started to study after that soon.

This is not the same with the dream, but it is something I can do first for now.

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