Working and working

I have been working on freelance job for 11 days already and not yet finish. That keep me busy last 2 weeks.

It was a huge job that I bid for a little money because I need to win the first job and then I will have the feedback and rating for my account so next job could be easier to bid.

Oh now you don’t want to know how much I bid… It’s only $50 man… ;(

It’s too much work for that amount of money. Anyway, it should worth for the first rating.. I hope so.

For this holidays season,, well we don’t have holiday for Christmas here and I don’t have day off.

I will still go to work next week till 29 Dec and also need to close one project on the date.

and for new years holidays I don’t know. I probably just stay home or go to my friends at Patumthani so I don’t have to be alone.

Merry Christmas and Happy new year!