Sick At Home

Sick sick sick is what I don’t like, but it is just something happen sometime. It’s just bother me because it makes me feel lonely a lot. Gimme sume hugs.. gimme some hugs.. :p

I like to go out lately because it helps me from being lonely, but that I have to spend a lot of money. I just broke now. I guess I will just stay in this month.

This month is just bad.. My laptop is broken and my phone is broken and those are just important to use too.

Anyway, I got new laptop that makes me happy when I use it, but the phone is kinda bother me because so difficult to use. LOL It’s just a cheap phone, but it’s ok.

Have you seen my new laptop yet? Very cool LOL. Sorry for being show off. hehe

It’s really weird lately. I sents text to friends, friends didn’t answer. I sent emails to friends for couple days ago, friends didn’t answer either. Also I was online on the website and send message,, they didn’t answer too.

I think I should stop contacting them. They might get bother, I think. They will contact me if they wants to talk to me or wants my help. I don’t want to disturb anybody. I want only good friends.

So when good friends read this message, please get back to me soon. haha.

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