Get Back To Hometown

This long weekend I will get back to my hometown. This time is real because I bought a ticket already. 🙂

I did not go the gym for many days already because I sick a lot. I will try next week.

I don’t know why when I am sick,, many people likely to ask me to do things and go out. About 3 people asked me to go out. Are you one of them? 😉

I’d say I will not go out much because I have a lot of things to pay lately since some debt has due started on this year and then the other cost.

I don’t find good things about go out much, but I do enjoy go out. Not often doh.

I have busy with my other website a lot these days and will start to make money on them which is quite difficult.

So I might not have much time to update here, but I can do it occasionally because I like.

I might try to get some good weekend for beach. I think I need some private relax time somewhere people don’t know me or somewhere I don’t understand the language they use.

🙂 super

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