Nothing New Lately

Just a normal life… go to work, go to gym and back home. Have some quiet time,, cooking and do laundry,, that’s all.

Final Destination

Last Sunday I went to see the movie “Final Destination 3” and the movie quite scared.. I think it would be PG13 rated, but I like the way the girl acting.. very well and can feel she is really scared what gonna happen.

Actually I want to see Geisha, but too late I guess so this movie is not bad.

I am looking around myself when I have quiet time.. There are so manything to do, but seem that not yet ready to start. Sometime I felt I am lost in the lonely world… I got to do something.. or plan to do something soon.

I might move to Canada or somewhere.. The place here make me lonely and feel not happy at all. Need to gathering information and money. mighe be next few years. who knows!

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