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Stay in Bangkok and Need Work Out with Personal Trainer?

My-O-Fit Personal Training

I know that you are probably thinking that it’s not time to work out during the travel period, but if you are thinking about work out and have nothing to do during the raining season or even bored to shopping malls. I offer you a work out session that you can enjoy as your travel wellness.

Either full body work out or strengthen only specified muscles. I am an ACE-Certified personal trainer to help you here.

Where? When? How? with who?
1. Either you stay at Shama Sukhumvit or stay some where else in Bangkok. It is easy to access the gym by BTS. (See the gym and hotel detail) If you are staying at Shama Sukhumvit, you can access the gym for free at 17th floor. If not, pay 200 Baht per access. You also can use rooftop swimming pool.

  1. If you haven’t book a hotel room, you might interested in Wellness Package at Shama which includes the Personal training sessions. If you are already stay at Shama, ask for upgrading or contact the reception for gym session with me (Tony). or contact me directly

  2. Or.. you don’t need to stay at Shama. You can look at my training schedule and contact me.

  3. I am a well trained ACE-certified personal trainer. You can see the personal training detail here. Currently training cost is 800 Baht/hr (1 session) so for whole body training, we can split into 2 or 3 days or even as a circuit training in one day.

I Am Promoting Thailand Travel


In one day last week, I talked to my friend that I’d love to help the country from this bad economic. I believe all Thais would like to do. The foreigner might not know well about our country situation, but the foreigners in Thailand still have their fun time traveling.

So here is what I can do, I put the ads on homepage of my highest traffic website, KrpMag, which have about 1000 readers daily. The ads link to the page Experience Thailand. If you are Thai or if you love Thailand, I ask you to do the same to help our country. Do whatever to bring Tourism back to normal or better. For our beloved country. 😉