Sored Inner Thighs

Tonight I am proud to present… “Hip Adduction and Hip Abduction”

Do you know how different between this two machine? Haha I am confuse also, but all I knew is they made my inner thighs so sored. I couldn’t spread my legs well (Yes, usually I like to do. Haha)

This one is Hip Adduction
Hip Adduction

The direction to exercise is —> <--- (Tell me how to say this!)
This one is Hip Abduction
Hip Abduction

The direction to exercise is <--- --- > (Tell me how to say this!)

This sored started on Thursday because I worked out on Wednesday. So Still sored now.

Do you think which one made me sored inner thighs?

Downloading BBM Soundtrack

Brokeback MountainActually I didn’t download, but I just record from steaming internet music. Haha. See,, how much I save my money.

I think a lot of song from this movie’s soundtrack are so great. I told you once already, country music is romatic to me. :>

I luv country music. Last time I just posted the song from Carrie Underwood,, American Idol season 4 and her top single hit on the Country music chart “Jesus take the wheel” I like the song have very beautiful melody.

Brokeback MountainSo I’m now recording the steaming music from the internet. I will update tomorrow if the music is good or bad since I will leave my computer on all night.

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After listened all those song,, I think it’s not only country music. Also mix with classic music.

I felt more love country music because there is a fun rythm in fast song and also romantic and beautiful voice / melody in slow song.

This is also in Thai country song, but I get used to it already, not feel excite like western country music.

Here is a sample clip for you guys. I put it in my phone to listen sometime too. 😉

He was a friend of mine
He was a friend of mine
Every time I think about him now
Lord I just can’t keep from cryin’
‘Cause he was a friend of mine

He died on the road
He died on the road
He never had enough money
To pay his room or board
And he was a friend of mine

I stole away and cried
I stole away and cried
‘Cause I never had too much money
And I never been quite satisfied
And he was a friend of mine

He never done no wrong
He never done no wrong
A thousand miles from home
And he never harmed no one
And he was a friend of mine

He was a friend of mine
He was a friend of mine
Every time I hear his name
Lord I just can’t keep from cryin’
‘Cause he was a friend of mine.

Love Is A Force Of Nature

Brokeback Mountain

Something you keep itToday I have a chance to see the movie Brokeback Mountain with my friend. It was a really good movie, but too sad. Everything in the movie made me feel sad deep inside tonight.
It has been 9 months I left Phoenix, but also left my heart there. No more chance to get back to bring my heart back. So time does help some to make me feel better, works and busy things help some to make me stronger.
I wish the other people will not face the problem about love. Love is a force of nature. Love is always beautiful. I wish everybody have a completely love.

I’m getting old

Good night my silence birthday…

Old!I know that I am not only getting fat, but I am getting old also. For fat problem, I have a solution, go to gym, to fix it already. that’s not a problem at all, but kind of slow to see the result. (Don’t know why I get fat quickly, but get slim so slow??? anyone know?) But!! for the old problem,,, I can’t fix it man! Helppppppppppp!!

I feel like I am 18 actaully, but when I look at myself in the mirror. I saw someone too old to be 18. Look at his grey hairs on this head… No I don’t cry… It’s just life circle.

At least I don’t feel sad like 7 months ago. That make me some happy today.

Happy Valentine’s Day

I spent my time in evening to sing this song a lot until my voice has gone. LOL You can notice from the end of song.. Sorry, but I did my best. There is alot of noise on previous version that I sang so I change microphone and it is just better a little bit. Unfortunately my voice has a limit. haha

Happy Valentin’s day everybody.

Here is the meaning of song

We found each other

What I hope for and what I am waiting for might seem like nothing but a day dream.
I am looking for someone but I do not know who it is nor when I will find them.

In my life, I see very nice people everyday.
I just never found anyone that had the same dream, but I believe I will find them very soon.

This big city has a lot of smoke, fog, and pollution that might blind us from seeing each other.

The walls and high buildings seperate us and keep us hidden.

Finally, we find each other. It has been so long that I am waiting for you.
Do you feel that it’s really worth it to have someone beside you?

I was made for finding someone that god sent for me.
We both know the world is very big, but it will not be that hard to find each other.

Maybe at some time we have already just walked past each other and live near each other.
A random leaf falling might cause me to look your way as you walk by.

Big Mama’s House 2

Big mama I went to see this movie on last Sat by myself (Thank Kris for tickets)

I like the movie no matter not good review on it. The movie shows something about love, family, caring and honest. The movie also shows the generous things. Yes, you can’t compare this movie with LOTR, Harry potter or whatever that so much effect.

I always like fun movie, comedy and kids in movie… that’s me.

Tomorrow, I might getting sore since I work out so much today. I followed the program I got from the website,, not really same, but just try to work out the same muscle 😉

Pump It Up Boy!

I went to work out for 3 days already. Last Sat, Sun and today. I got so sored at my left arm on Monday . I know that because I trried to lift too heavy weight on Sunday…. Damn! I just tried.

Well,, I have a short goal,,, in 3 months,, I should lose some fat 😀
I wish I will lose some fat at my legs, my arms first as I expect and just lose some at my waist because this is a difficult part to do.

Then in 6 months, I will get stronger body and lose more fat!

One of my friend said, I should build the muscle and also do aerobics so the muscle will help to burn calories.

He said the easiest part to build muscle are legs and butt. So anyone tell me what I should do… I read from some website and not sure I understand well.

Each day I started with treadmill for 20 – 30 mins for warm up my body.

Then go to use weight training machine. There are a lot…. I really don’t know what to use first.

Leg Press
I use the machine called “Legs Press” which is look like this.

And then move to another machine for legs, Cycle and another for my abs.

Then go to another machine for back legs and then just shower and back home because it almost 9pm.

Well,, tomorrow will not work out. 😉 rest my muscles for a day!

I think I need a program and do it like a schedule. It’s difficult because I saw a program only for free weight.

any help?