Happy New Year 2006

Kind of hurry to post happy new year, but don’t know what to post,, and this will be good for you guys that will not have time to read on holiday… so I should say now.


Oh,, small text you couldn’t read? It said

I wish you have a good time with people you love
If you don’t have your soulmate yet, let you have one soon
Or if you don’t want one, let you have more friend.

I wish you stay healthy all year long
I wish you you have anything you wanted
I wish you the best thing come along

So I made the new template for celebrate new year too,,, just a simple one since I have no creative brain right now. I wish you guys like it.

I probably will design again later soon after new year and will post more too. This might be the last blog for this year… not that last, but who know,, if I have something interesting,,, I would post more.

Talking about holiday,,, I really wanna go somewhere,, one of Farang friends will go to Lao,,, One stay at Nepal,,, LOL I don’t wanna go to Nepal.

Also LYC will have party at The Mix (New name @Richards), but I will not go since they charged for admission for 500 Baht, but I am poor. LOL If 200 Baht, I might. Haha

Thank you to Tom that pay for me that night, I hope you enjoy the night and like the group 😉 — edited@Jan 2, 2006

If they still have party at Oasis,,, the roof.. That’s nice place. I could go since I can bring my drink with me. I have no idea now.

It’s ok… I could just stay home or being around Bangkok anywhere…. Have some fun alone.. (How can it be? hehehe)

I’m kind of sick lately… I am so weak.. I should go to see doctor soon,,, Or not go at all? Well,,, I think I really try to stay healthy, but sometime it couldn’t help… I didn’t exercise at all.

Anyway,, I’d like to go to massage.. I could go on New Year Eve. LOL

Enjoy your holidays!

See ya,

Merry Christmas

It started from Friday night. I threw a party with friends,, I thought just have party for 3 people since we don’t have money to go out… I just planned to stay and drink at home..

It was fun because the other 3 friends came over then we have 7 people for party. LOL

We drank until 4 am then went to bed. Someone left and someone stayed over night.

One of them forgot toothbrush set, one of them forgot a cellphone in my room. LOL

One of them woke up in the morning when the other people left already… he was kind of lost. lol “Where are all of my fucking friends?” LOL

Also I called my mom on her birthday (same night),, she was “Is it my birthday?” WTF LOL only me can remember her birthday. That was a funny thing either.

Then Saturday, I was kind of sleep all day and tried to recover. lol

One of my Farang friend rang and ask if I like to go Babylon for foam party, I said “yes” since I wanted to see the place,, kind of curious. So it was fun at foam party. LOL I was danced in foam and watched people. One guy played my cock in foam also.

Then we went to Soi Twilight to visit some bar, pub and saw the fucking show. Oh that was fun.

Today just realy really really tired and sored. Oh I have to say “Merry Christmas” and “Good night”

See ya,

Where is my Santa?

Santa couldn’t coming to town

This year will be lonely Christmas for me,,, since last year I have celebrated my first Christmas in USA.. I could be very lonely and miss all friend and people I love.. Or I could smile when I think they are having nice time to celebrate. So I just back to use the same old life. No more santa and no more snowman. Well,, all Christmas present still in my room every corner.

LYC have dinner at Telephone pub, but I think I could not go since no money,, really. I’d like to go, but need to save money to save life. LOL I started to look at my money and started to pay all debt as much as I can. It could be very long long time to finish it off.

This year will have some private time to think for myself… Think for future.. Have time for myself to relax. Still need someone.

See ya,

Let see my pics!

Okay,, I named this blog “My photo!” I has been took these pics several places and several feeling that time,, some still in my memory. Enjoy the show!

This pic took at Don Maung Airport, Bangkok With my little sister who live in Indiana. She going to leave Thailand and I sent her at the airport.

This pic looked so gay, I think. LOL
I was in Charlotte, NC in Thanksgiving.

This pic took by webcam in Phoenix, AZ.. while i am chatting
during the day,, saw a little dog head behine me? she is Princess.

This pic took at Cheese cake Factory in NC
I met Tim, a big fat old guy and we had lunch.

This pic took in front of the hotel in Singapore when I was there for the Exhibition fair.

This pic I was in Universal Stidio, Hollywood, CA

This pic from my friend wedding party, in Chaiyabumi, Thailand

And this pic I was an Oscar celebrity. LOL
It’s in Universal Studio.

This pic took in Rajamangala University in Patumthani, Thailand

This one I really like… in Universal Studio

This one a little bit sexy from Laan Island, Pattaya.
This one is new haircut in Jeep,,, Phoenix, AZ
Haha,, I was a marketing instructor,, in Rangsit University, Sathornthani building
This small one from Santamonica, CA… beautiful
And last one on the bus headed to Chao Sam Rarn beach, Petchburi


See ya,

What I suppose to do this late?

Thai boy with Bangkok Pride’s rainbow flag

Tonite,, I still not sleep… It is 3 am. alread. I am tired, but can’t sleep because I took a nap in evening.

I shaved my pubs in the morning and I spent all day with internet, watch cartoon, eating and just do it all like a cycle.

The cartoon I watched was Doraemon,,, old Japanese cartoon that I had for my collection. Quite fun 🙂

But the thing that I still feel in everyday,,, still in my mind,,, like a scar in my heart….that not yet recovered and waiting something or time to heal this wound. I still feel loney,, no matter how many people I chat with,,, no matter that I just went to see my friends, but when I get back home,, I feel so apart from this world,, it’s too lonely. Do I really need someone? (I have to answer myself “Yes, I really do”)

Sometime I think I should open for anyone more and more,, I thought I did though,,, but somehow I feel I am not ready for that since I scared I will hurt again… I scared I will fall in love too deep too fast like I used to be. I don’t wanna do anything rush when I feel lonely.

Too bad I like only white guy and English language is only way I can communicate with them. Too bad almost guys I like are American. Too bad the guy I like not like me. Too bad I can’t be happy by myself yet.

I wish I can forget all things that made me hurt and be happy with it as my experience,, those tought me my life. But I knew I almost forget how I used my life in USA,, I like it no matter I have some bad memory there. Something still beatiful, but I couldn’t get back anymore.

…and I still see love is beatiful… It’s very green to me.

See ya,

Temple,,, The wonderful architecture in Thailand

I remembered last 2 – 3 months ago, I took the Thai traditional massage classes at Wat Po (Don’t ask anything for now,, I almost forgot everything, Haha)

So Wat Po is beautiful Temple too, I didn’t take any photo for Wat Po because I was hurry to get in class in the morning and then too much tired in evening and get back home.

Wat Jaeng in Bangkok, Thailand

When I get back home, I had to took the boat (Closest way and fastest way to go from there) at Ta tien (Tien pier) so the Wat Jaeng (In the Opposit side of the river)

Both temples had a Giant,,, There is a tale about Wat Po’s giant and Wat Jang’s giant fighting until this area were flatted (Meaning ‘Tien’)

I have a chance to take this photo and came out good, so I make it black and white. I still have the original file if someone want it, I can give you. This photo will look very beautiful in the frame when hang at the wall.

See ya,

First time in Pattaya,, It’s not bad!

I decided to have my long weekend at Pattaya on last Thursday because I don’t wanna stay home bored! So I rang my uncle who lived and worked there.. Finally I was there on Saturday and have him picked me up at bus station.. He looks a bit different from last time I saw him (probably 4 – 5 years ago)

Then we went to his friend’s room and relax there for a while then we moved to Jomtien beach. Oh damn it! It was rained!!!! Why it just rain when I want to have the nice weekend! We stucked in front of bathroom at Jomtien Beach. LOL so funny.

Then the rain is kind of small we moved quickly to Kaffa resturant.. Have some food and 2 bottles of beer.

It was rained again when we were in resturant.. So hard and long. When the rain stopped, we get back to my uncle’s house and shower and will go out for dinner and bar.

What the hell… Rain again… but not hard so we still go to have dinner (by motorcycle) . After dinner, we went to discotheque, Pattaya Hollywood, and I just didn’t bring camera, but here is pics from my phone.

We planed to go to Koh Laan on Sunday,, Wow,, I never knew there is island close to Pattaya… The sea is more beautiful and the guys there is cute. LOL (Some Farang went there too) And never gone,,, rain again when we back to the coast.

Me on the boat

Look at water

A little bit sexy(or tummy?)

Okay okay. I agreed t o hide tummy.

When we get back,, we showered and get ready for dinner and bar… We went to Boyz zone and Panorama and then went to Walking street… Then move to some other bar and get back..

Then I leave Pattaya about 12.50pm 🙂
Good bye Pattaya