This month in last year

It comes to my head in the morning,,, and I just emailed to someone that it was the same month in last year that I have my feet on USA’s ground.

It was Nov 17th, I took United Airline to USA. I could not forget that day.

It was a very long flight,, I didn’t fly with 100% good feeling because of some reason.

When I landed,,, almost everything surround me are totally different from where I came from. A lot of things are difficult for me.

I had a lot of experiense from there. I will remember every single thing that is good thing in my head and my mind forever,,, even I didn’t have a chance to get back again… Nobody need me there,,, I mean,, nobody really need me there.

I have a question!! Did you guy feel cold last night in Bangkok????

See ya,

Chao Saam Rarn Beach Trip with LYC

Oh Sunday! I woke up with my alarm clocks and get ready for one day trip to Chao Saam Rarn beach, Petchburi province. I hope it will be fun and yeah, it was fun.

I met the group at Convent Street, Silom Rd. in front of StarBuck which is not yet open at that time. (Nicely they turned on the fan outside!) Then the time closed to 8.30 am people are coming and talking during waiting for the bus,, Finally Scott got there and checked everything before everyone get in the bus.

Then everybody have their seat 🙂 talking and watching the movie,, I didn’t remember the name of movie, but it was very fun. Good movie though.

Then I started to take a photo of everyone,,, not know all of their name yet though, but I will soon,, at least I could join the club once a month.

Some of us played volleyball, lay down for lazy Sunday and then we move to play pool volleyball and some dice game.

We didn’t play water in the ocean!!! There is no beach,,,,

and before we leave, we took the photos again,,, then we leave and arrive Bangkok about 7 pm

I have fun today and tired…. could get sore tomorrow because I played volleyball a lot,,, I didn’t play sport and exercise for a long time.

See ya,

I went to see Harry Potter with a globet of fires

Wow,, It was impression!!! I like it a lot and I really like this episod! I like the guy the from another school and he is the quidditch player.. LOL My friend,, wisper during the movie when this guy come. “Yummy” and I AGREED.

I like new star and like a lot of thing… Damn I am so much like the movie like this. The next movie gonna be Corb bride, Chicken Little, Narnia, Superman!! A long line in my list. LOL

I also will go to Choa Saam Rarn beach this Sunday and plan to go to Pattaya next time also… I know I don’t have much of money and also have to pay a lot of thing, but I didn’t have a chance to relax much,,, I need sometime for myself.. I am too much stress and depress. Time to release.

Well,, I have to work tomorrow too.. LOL,,, and it’s Friday… Woo hoooooooooo.

See ya,