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Facebook Is Not So Safe – Big Bug

I didn’t hack or anything. It is just a big bug of facebook. After I enter ‘www.facebook.com’ here is what happen.

I brought me to farmville page and show that there is some chat windows opened. The language of the menu is Thai and then I found who is the profile owner.

I didn’t play farmville for months and already block application. I also didn’t use Thai menu. After I click the menu (where it is ‘My Account’ in Thai) then it show someone else image…. not me!!

Should this be security bug? After I click my profile or edit friend, it brought me to normal pages.

Fun Web Application on FaceBook

I have created a fun application on FaceBook using FBML (Facebook Markup Language) and FBJS (you can guess of that… end with JavaScript)… Oh it was fun.

Above image show you it was a Google Map. I use my DX900 Acer phone which has GPS send the location through my server and then keep a location to generate the map by showing the markers and path. One of my friend is also crazy working on it just like I did. Haha.

This is an idea to apply for anything with GPS, FaceBook, Map. I just use static map so it does not load a memory of computer or phone browser. Also then you can post your location to your facebook wall and friend’s home live feed by clicking on the map.

It show the thumbnail map and the location of the latest spot you were at!!

So the programming on FaceBook is not difficult at all, but you need to learn their tags and API.