Recruit 1 Web Graphic Designer & 1 PHP Web Developer

I am recruiting new member for IT team. 1 Position of Web Graphic Designer, 1 Position of PHP Web Developer
I really like someone to join the team. Please let me know if you are qualify.
General Qualification:
1. Age 26 – 35 years old
2. Thai nationality
3. 2 – 3 Years Experience
4. Fair English communication

Salary is 25,000 Baht – 40,000 Baht depends on your experience.
Our office located in Silom, Bangkok. Easy to commute by BTS/MRT

More qualification is after the jump or download this recruitment description here
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Testing New Invoice Format for SPM

The project I am talking about is an online/offline payment solutions for Australia merchant. BPAY and PostBillPay is very popular to merchant in Australia. After this patch done, I will expand the project bigger and that would effect a lot of product of our company. This is including accept credit card and all will need PCI Compliance. None of Thai Banking doing this or very few.

This time, I will need to patching the invoice generator to fix the bug on the first of August. All the tests are good and believe tomorrow test will be good. I was on this problem for about 2 months already. The first month I have to fix the logic of wrong fee calculation and that was fixed. Now is the patch for the new invoice that will display the correct amount of fee that charge to clients.

Sometimes, working on financial stuff is too scared for wrong things happen, but after fix and test for many times that could make us confident for the results. Tomorrow too, I am very confident it would pass very easy.

New ME!

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It’s been a long time I didn’t update my blog.
I have been busy with my permanent job since November 2011 and was depressed from the love. Now I’m stronger and focus to have a happy life. Good friends, Work and Gym are now is really what I am being with.

World is not end yet so we gotta live and moving on. I’m now addicted to gym more and more. I wanna look good like a model. haha.

Until the next time.

Good Luck My Boy

I am happy that he is now get along well with the other friends. He won’t be lonely anymore. No problem that he does not understand me well. No problem that he does not see that love I gave to him meant so much and that why it’s difficult on my end to manage. I wish he just understand well, but how I could do.

It is just started. I have a long way to heal my wound.

Galaxy Tab 7 Inches Review

Recently I added more vlog to my YouTube Channel. I tried to contentrated myself at camera lens which is too difficult. The light in Video is okay. The voice is a bit not good. The video quality is good, but I have to convert to .WMV file so I can edit the video with Adobe Premier 2.0 and took me 5 hours to convert 15 mins video!!

The vlog talked about my Galaxy Tab 7 inches. Application list is after the jump.
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Month of So Many Things

It’s been a lot of thing happened in April of 2011.

  • Broken heart
  • Buy new phone
  • Phone (above) broken
  • Festival of splashing water (Songkran)
  • Clients ask if works are done right after holiday (above)

Mostly are stuff on my mind.. I have been dealing with. It’s just not easy to wipe it away like data in computer or can’t happened like phone broke and everything just gone away.

I have been trying to be busy and not let my mind think about him, but it is just difficult. Maybe I need more time.

One thing is also in my mind is my pics with him will be also wipe away.. I have no other pic with him in my computer.. or anywhere. Maybe it’s time to move on. It is hurt when you live with unrequited love. How many time will it take for me?… to get it right..

Facebook Is Not So Safe – Big Bug

I didn’t hack or anything. It is just a big bug of facebook. After I enter ‘’ here is what happen.

I brought me to farmville page and show that there is some chat windows opened. The language of the menu is Thai and then I found who is the profile owner.

I didn’t play farmville for months and already block application. I also didn’t use Thai menu. After I click the menu (where it is ‘My Account’ in Thai) then it show someone else image…. not me!!

Should this be security bug? After I click my profile or edit friend, it brought me to normal pages.