Color Name from Hex to Color

I have to implement the color extractor from image so I have too look at the php script that can extract color in image to hex code, but then need to convert hex or rgb to human color name. So this is useful.

In case you are looking for this. It’s an array of color name matching with RGB in format

$colors = array(
"Acid Green" => array(176, 191, 26),
"Aero" => array(124, 185, 232),

Look at this link:

jStarbox Does Not Show Stars on Hidden Tab

If you are using jStarbox so you know what I refer to.

I have downloaded Flat Bootstrap Responsive Website to tried jStarbox and was on the UI implementation. It was so messy because I have it on my hidden tab. After switch the tab to appear the rating stars not display as expected. I spent about 2 days for this as I am not that good with jQuery and Javascript much.


The visible tab is fine, but the hidden tabs seems has problem. I am not sure because of the design or the jStarbox does not have this prevention.

It appeared that .colorbar not set to the size of .positioner after visible. (.positioner still have width of 0px) here is what I do.

starbox.starbox(‘setOption’, ‘average’, averageVal); //call method to reset the average value

var size = 85; //manual fixed the size

positioner.children(‘.stars’).children(‘.colorbar’).css(“width”, (averageVal*size)+”px”); //add style

To try jStarBox Click here


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