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Quote system for drug store

I started to get a freelance job from the internet. This one is the first project I got from AtlanticSoft at GAF which I bid really low price, $50, because I wanted to win the first project so bad. I believe this my work worth more than $200.

The project is about create the function of quote system for drug store, zencart system. Customer can fill the form from that prescription, then the store will give the price.

The website and all logo will be removed because the project owner ask not to reveal, but please refer to GAF project.

See the screenshot below. The actual site is different than below images a little bit.

This is the quote form with 5 sets of product form.

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Taiwan earthquake, Asia Internet Backbone broken

The last two days ago my internet connection was immediatly slow in the morning. I think True internet might has problem as it always.

I went to work as usual then found that I couldn’t check my email at work too. I asked if there were such a problem before I came, they said yes.

Immediatly client call that they can’t check emails.. blah blah blah.. I have to explain it’s internet problem, not our web hosting.

Taiwan Earthquake

The lastest news said that it’s because the earthquake in Taiwan area broke the internet backbone. It will take 7 days to fix it and will take one month to completely fix.

So I am here with slow internet. helloooooo can you hear me?

I don’t know what to do on holidays now. The internet is too slow.

What to do on holidays

I am thinking about what to do for long holidays and I found that I have something to do.

To keep me busy and not to spend money. LOL

New design

If I don’t have any project coming for this holidays, I will add the new design to my blog 🙂

I will seperated the sections for public access so I can add my person work stuff and portfolio in it too. Hopefully this won’t make my readers bored.

I think I will not mess both stuffs together. LOL not sure.. let see.