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Presently he works as a permanent IT Specialist at Re-Imagine Co.,Ltd. in Source of Supply Dept. Life biography I was born in a small town called “Ubolratana” in Khon Kaen province of Kingdom of Thailand. I have raised with poor, but warmth family. I have one older sister. In the country life, I have such a big family that I met them every week when I was kid. I was closed to grandfathers, grandmothers, uncles, aunts and all cousins. Then I left the hometown to study in capital city, Bangkok, and live here since then. Working here for a few companies, do the freelance job and etc. I have opportunities to went aboard twice, one in Singapore and another in United States. Education biography Kindergarten school at Lumpang province in Northern. Primary school at Nakornrachasima province (Korat) in Northeast. Secondary school – High Vocational at Khon Kaen province in Northeast. Also I have some university studied in Bangkok several times, but never graduated yet. I have some English study at AUA for a course or two. Right now I almost finish Bachelor Degree in computer science at Ram Kham Haeng University. Work biography Apr 2001 – Nov 2001 Web designer at MBA Computer Shop (which is MBA INET Co.,Ltd. Now) Nov 2001 – Dec 2003 Web designer/programmer at Digit Dot Info Systems Co.,Ltd. Jan 2004 – Sep 2004 Self Employ as a freelance programmer / instructor May 2005 – April 2007 Senior programmer at Hartt Media Co.,Ltd. May 2007 – April 2008 Self Employ as a freelance programmer May 2008 - Dec 2009 IT Specialist at Source of Supply Jan 2009 - Nov 2011 Web programming freelancer Nov 2011 - Present IT Manager at teleMates (Thailand) Limited Skills Applications: Internet, HTML, Gif Animation, Macromedia Dream Weaver 3.0 - MX, MS Office, Photoshop 5.5 - CS, MS Visual Studio.NET, Edit Plus, FTP clients, Email Clients and all general application that related with MS Windows and Internet as well. Programming language experience: CSS, DHTML, HTML, CGI/Perl, Good in PHP, some ASP, ASP.NET and VB.NET. I can learn new language in a short period. Database experience: General Language of SQL, MySQL, MSSQL, some Oracle. I also am interesting to learn as an database administrator. Additional computer experience: General computer application and some of networking experience. Typing: 40 - 50 words/min. (THAI/ENGLISH) Interests: Computer, Internet, Learn new technology, Movie and music

I went to see Harry Potter with a globet of fires

Wow,, It was impression!!! I like it a lot and I really like this episod! I like the guy the from another school and he is the quidditch player.. LOL My friend,, wisper during the movie when this guy come. “Yummy” and I AGREED.

I like new star and like a lot of thing… Damn I am so much like the movie like this. The next movie gonna be Corb bride, Chicken Little, Narnia, Superman!! A long line in my list. LOL

I also will go to Choa Saam Rarn beach this Sunday and plan to go to Pattaya next time also… I know I don’t have much of money and also have to pay a lot of thing, but I didn’t have a chance to relax much,,, I need sometime for myself.. I am too much stress and depress. Time to release.

Well,, I have to work tomorrow too.. LOL,,, and it’s Friday… Woo hoooooooooo.

See ya,

My friend’s wedding

I have a chance to go to my friend’s wedding yesterday… It was the 2nd wedding among my friend’s wedding. The first one one 2 of my friends they become couple now.

Yesterday kind of fun that I can see my friend again. I like my friend, but some of them are really the same habitate. Drank and too much drunk. Anyway,, I am their friend and I pick only their good quality to be friend. 🙂

Glad I made another busy day.

See ya,

Visit my uncle at hospital

I leave office at 2pm. and went to picked up my mom and my aunts at bus station close to Mor Chit. I thought my mom will come with Aunt Kai, but Aunt Nee also come.

Then we head directed to Pecharawej hospital and visit my uncle. He is in ICU room. He slept in the room and I saw so many equipment in the room. That was scared me.

I’m not sure he will get through this night. The doctor said it is small chance, but we all prayed.

My aunts cried. I am sad,, everyone sad. I hope everything will be good. It is too shit year for me already.

See ya,