Happy Valentine’s Day

I spent my time in evening to sing this song a lot until my voice has gone. LOL You can notice from the end of song.. Sorry, but I did my best. There is alot of noise on previous version that I sang so I change microphone and it is just better a little bit. Unfortunately my voice has a limit. haha

Happy Valentin’s day everybody.

Here is the meaning of song

We found each other

What I hope for and what I am waiting for might seem like nothing but a day dream.
I am looking for someone but I do not know who it is nor when I will find them.

In my life, I see very nice people everyday.
I just never found anyone that had the same dream, but I believe I will find them very soon.

This big city has a lot of smoke, fog, and pollution that might blind us from seeing each other.

The walls and high buildings seperate us and keep us hidden.

Finally, we find each other. It has been so long that I am waiting for you.
Do you feel that it’s really worth it to have someone beside you?

I was made for finding someone that god sent for me.
We both know the world is very big, but it will not be that hard to find each other.

Maybe at some time we have already just walked past each other and live near each other.
A random leaf falling might cause me to look your way as you walk by.

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