Pump It Up Boy!

I went to work out for 3 days already. Last Sat, Sun and today. I got so sored at my left arm on Monday . I know that because I trried to lift too heavy weight on Sunday…. Damn! I just tried.

Well,, I have a short goal,,, in 3 months,, I should lose some fat 😀
I wish I will lose some fat at my legs, my arms first as I expect and just lose some at my waist because this is a difficult part to do.

Then in 6 months, I will get stronger body and lose more fat!

One of my friend said, I should build the muscle and also do aerobics so the muscle will help to burn calories.

He said the easiest part to build muscle are legs and butt. So anyone tell me what I should do… I read from some website and not sure I understand well.

Each day I started with treadmill for 20 – 30 mins for warm up my body.

Then go to use weight training machine. There are a lot…. I really don’t know what to use first.

Leg Press
I use the machine called “Legs Press” which is look like this.

And then move to another machine for legs, Cycle and another for my abs.

Then go to another machine for back legs and then just shower and back home because it almost 9pm.

Well,, tomorrow will not work out. 😉 rest my muscles for a day!

I think I need a program and do it like a schedule. It’s difficult because I saw a program only for free weight.

any help?

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