Buy New Swimsuit and Go a Pool

Don’t be serious if someone is reading your life right now. Haha,,, someone think that I am really open–yes I am, but it would be something just about text,, usually I don’t let it from my mouth much.

Saturday I and Bob went to Robinson to buy new swimsuit for me,,, well we were looking for bikini.. LOL I could not wear that since I am too fat for bikini. Also I realized that I might lose some fat 😉 so I just bought a short swim suit.

Swim Suit So I got my short look like left image, but black color and have a gold-cream strip on side. I were really looked for another short with zip bag, but can’t find one. This one is cheap.. it’s just 199 Baht ($4) I also saw another one that more expensive like 800 Baht, but I think it’s worth not that much to pay. I better lose my waise first and buy bikini. hehehe 😀

Then Sunday I went to Bob’s apartment and went upstair to pool and we lied there for a little bit tan for a while then Scott and Kris came,, we were relaxed in jagucci (how to spell?) and pool for a while. Only me and Scott tried steam room,, i think it was good.

Then we went downstair to Bob’s room and showered. We had some drinks and Pizza and watched TV.

Finally I got back home about 7.30pm and head to bed. Sound good lazy sunday, uh?

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