Dinner With LYC Jan 27

Last Friday I went to Mali restaurant for dinner with LYC

RestaurantMali restaurant
(not on left image) Close to Babylon and Malaysia hotel
43 Sathorn Soi 1, Bangkok Thailand
Tel: 679 8693 , 286 7311 ext 171

I didn’t eat much and feel tired and hurt my neck from work,, might be sit the wrong way for too long. The food is good, I didn’t drink any alcohol there.

Actually I expected to meet someone there, he is there, but I didn’t talk to him much since normally dinner night will be sticky more than drink night.

Also on his table I didn’t know anyone so we just speak to each other a little bit. “Well, he said ‘what the fuck’ to me after all that night that we send message’

After left Mali restaurant, I went to @Richards with Pat and his bf. Not many people in @Richards and I decided to change the way to drink.

I didn’t order Heineken as usually, but I ordered cocktail “Cosmo Politian” and “Havey Bullerwall” (correct me if I am wrong)

I also like “Mojeoto” that Pat ordered. It’s about vodka and mint and something. I will order next time when I go out.

Waaaah,,, nobody tell me if they work out at CA fitness Silom,, so sad… I would be happy if have someone to work out. I still didn’t apply member yet, but very soon.

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