Work Out With Me!

I thought about work out for sometime in the past. I leave it too long,, my tummy was building so well. Now it’s big like I am pragnant. 😉

Well well well,,, I realize I need to do exercise and not do only by myself because I am too lazy and need company when work out. Also it’s a good way to make me sleep well. So I was trying to find the nearest place gym and cheapest and also have to open late because I off work late. (So many conditions)

All of them are so expensive,, finally I got the nice deal from California Wow Experience. So I just went to tour the place in evening.

California Wow Experience
They were tried so hard to make the sell. They brought 3 people to talk to me. Haha. Finally I won, they can’t finish their sale, but I leave them beautiful thinking. 😉

Since I got a nice deal and wanted to tour the place that closest to me and the time I will work out. I didn’t want to pay it right away there.

So I am now know I will pick Silom CA WOW X and will go at 7.30pm. I need to buy a lock key, shirt, short, sock, water container, protien.. eww a lot.

I still don’t know when I will start.. Anyone here work out at Silom at the sametime with me? Tell me and give me some suggestion.. Thanks!

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