Look at background of this post! If you can guess, yeah I think you can, I just went to see the “Narnia” at Central Rama III. It’s a good movie!

I ask my friend if he likes to go see this movie with me, he said many people tell him this movie is not that good. He was going to see too, but just change his mind.

I really wonder why he makes a decision before go to see with his eyes. I don’t believe anyone tells about movie good or bad because I think people have a different taste.

Probably I will like it and I know I have a weird taste. Ha-ha

And I have totally different taste from my friend, well–he is straight, that’s one of different. LOL

This movie has a blond cute boy actor though. 😉 It’s kind of fantasy movie which is I like. (I really love this kind of movies, books or stories)

After movie end, I also went to the grocery store and buy some food before get back home and pay more bills online.

Oh well… I really wish next month come faster because I will be alright for money situation on next month! Now and now I have to really be careful!

When I tell my friend I ride my bike to work or I bring my lunch box to work, they smile or cackling at me. Especially the last one, they ask me “Are you ashamed that you bring your lunch box to work?” I really don’t care other people’s eyes, I proud to bring my food that I cook to eat at work. I love my food, I save money and it’s plenty of food too. Have you ever feel not enough food and don’t wanna order more?

My boss, which is not eat much,, he always have no breakfast and have lunch after 3 pm. asked me “Is it cheaper than you eat at restaurant?” I said “Well, sometime yes, sometime no, but you will have enough food, manytime too full and you will have fresh and hygienic food and also you will have the taste you like” “The other thing is if you like to cook, it’s always good thing to do” I added

I saved the gas; I helped the country and the world to save gas. Seem like I saved this world uh? hehe

I saved my money; I can work out by riding my bike two times a day! (10 min each) Haha,, Started with Narnia, but end so beautiful with saved the world,, feel good tonight..

Good night people.

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