First time in Pattaya,, It’s not bad!

I decided to have my long weekend at Pattaya on last Thursday because I don’t wanna stay home bored! So I rang my uncle who lived and worked there.. Finally I was there on Saturday and have him picked me up at bus station.. He looks a bit different from last time I saw him (probably 4 – 5 years ago)

Then we went to his friend’s room and relax there for a while then we moved to Jomtien beach. Oh damn it! It was rained!!!! Why it just rain when I want to have the nice weekend! We stucked in front of bathroom at Jomtien Beach. LOL so funny.

Then the rain is kind of small we moved quickly to Kaffa resturant.. Have some food and 2 bottles of beer.

It was rained again when we were in resturant.. So hard and long. When the rain stopped, we get back to my uncle’s house and shower and will go out for dinner and bar.

What the hell… Rain again… but not hard so we still go to have dinner (by motorcycle) . After dinner, we went to discotheque, Pattaya Hollywood, and I just didn’t bring camera, but here is pics from my phone.

We planed to go to Koh Laan on Sunday,, Wow,, I never knew there is island close to Pattaya… The sea is more beautiful and the guys there is cute. LOL (Some Farang went there too) And never gone,,, rain again when we back to the coast.

Me on the boat

Look at water

A little bit sexy(or tummy?)

Okay okay. I agreed t o hide tummy.

When we get back,, we showered and get ready for dinner and bar… We went to Boyz zone and Panorama and then went to Walking street… Then move to some other bar and get back..

Then I leave Pattaya about 12.50pm 🙂
Good bye Pattaya

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