Temple,,, The wonderful architecture in Thailand

I remembered last 2 – 3 months ago, I took the Thai traditional massage classes at Wat Po (Don’t ask anything for now,, I almost forgot everything, Haha)

So Wat Po is beautiful Temple too, I didn’t take any photo for Wat Po because I was hurry to get in class in the morning and then too much tired in evening and get back home.

Wat Jaeng in Bangkok, Thailand

When I get back home, I had to took the boat (Closest way and fastest way to go from there) at Ta tien (Tien pier) so the Wat Jaeng (In the Opposit side of the river)

Both temples had a Giant,,, There is a tale about Wat Po’s giant and Wat Jang’s giant fighting until this area were flatted (Meaning ‘Tien’)

I have a chance to take this photo and came out good, so I make it black and white. I still have the original file if someone want it, I can give you. This photo will look very beautiful in the frame when hang at the wall.

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