Giffarine International – Malaysia – Cambodia – Myanmar


I have got some readers contact me over here from Myanmar and Malaysia. WOW!! I quite impress a lot that my success I did with Giffarine through my little blog spread out so far. If you are from aboard, please wait a little for me so I can inquire important information from the company before I tell you. BUT if you are in Thailand, I can help you right away!! I would love to do that. Apparently Cambodia and Malaysia websites still doesn’t have information on their websites so I better ask directly from the company.

I am proud of my Gold Star member of Giffarine. I do quite well in my view because I still do my old job! This month I pushed my mom to be a Silver Star member! She is very good in this business. I couldn’t believe it because at first I think she will be just a consumer who only purchase products that her like!

Well, this is network marketing and it is a very good business designed of marketing. It’s just an MLM, but it is powerful unique MLM. We do the business with honest, love, and generous. We are not doing it so much like a business. We are not selling anything, but we are telling how good the products are, after we tried and let them apply a membership if they like. All purchase in your network becomes your income. I earned from the first month I join! I love a lot of Giffarine products and they are not expensive!

Nowadays, I spend a part of life doing Giffarine job. I visited rice farms to see the results after them used fertilizers. I contacted my moms, relatives and friends more often to talk to them about the products, commission and stuff. Our relationship is strong. They felt worm with me even it is a Direct Sale because I am not pushing and selling them anything. I tell them the product that I like and they might like. If they have better solutions, I always agree because products have different effective on difference people.