Giffarine – Friends, Relatives Reunion

Last weekend I went to see two friends in Pattaya. It’s one day trip which took me 4 hours on the transportation back and forth. The main thing to go is suggest them about their benefit to be a Giffarine member which one of them already archive the Bronze Star. We went to eat Som Tum at Jomtien Beach and then went to order stuff at Giffarine Outlet in Na Kleau, Pattaya. Then we headed to Central Plaza and bowled! Haha

I spent only one hour to suggested them about the benefit before I left. Seems that he understand well, but I don’t know if he like to do business or not. I gave him some of documents and a new member application set.

Then on Tuesday I went to Giffarine Ram Kham Haeng outlet for a skin care meeting. It’s quite useful. It’s actually a meeting for sale contest, but open for everyone to listen. Anyway, now I move myself from Phaholyothin to Ram Kham Haeng outlet so I can easily purchase and get commission for myself and my team. I also apply a membership for one of my friend that day.

Then on Wednesday I went to Giffarine Chok Chai 4 to get a commission for my friend. The commission is not so much, but I need to get a Sen Khob Fah magazine and change all the member in my team to get a commission at Ram Kham Haeng outlet or somewhere that close to their place.

On Thursay, I went to Giffarine Phaholyothin outlet again for a supplements meeting (Doctor Jakrapong Paiboon) which is really good 🙂

And tonight I will leave Bangkok to Khon Kaen for about 2 weeks. I’d to suggest Giffarine Fertilizers to my relatives and visiting them 🙂

I won’t come back before 26th if I don’t have any urgent job in Bangkok. Anyone wanna contact me, please do it by phone. (The internet there is real slow and I don’t have ADSL at my moms)