Let see my pics!

Okay,, I named this blog “My photo!” I has been took these pics several places and several feeling that time,, some still in my memory. Enjoy the show!

This pic took at Don Maung Airport, Bangkok With my little sister who live in Indiana. She going to leave Thailand and I sent her at the airport.

This pic looked so gay, I think. LOL
I was in Charlotte, NC in Thanksgiving.

This pic took by webcam in Phoenix, AZ.. while i am chatting
during the day,, saw a little dog head behine me? she is Princess.

This pic took at Cheese cake Factory in NC
I met Tim, a big fat old guy and we had lunch.

This pic took in front of the hotel in Singapore when I was there for the Exhibition fair.

This pic I was in Universal Stidio, Hollywood, CA

This pic from my friend wedding party, in Chaiyabumi, Thailand

And this pic I was an Oscar celebrity. LOL
It’s in Universal Studio.

This pic took in Rajamangala University in Patumthani, Thailand

This one I really like… in Universal Studio

This one a little bit sexy from Laan Island, Pattaya.
This one is new haircut in Jeep,,, Phoenix, AZ
Haha,, I was a marketing instructor,, in Rangsit University, Sathornthani building
This small one from Santamonica, CA… beautiful
And last one on the bus headed to Chao Sam Rarn beach, Petchburi


See ya,

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